Doing Business Responsibly

Society has increasingly high expectations for ethical behavior from global healthcare companies – expectations that very often go beyond what is legally required. We are taking steps to ensure our standards align with these expectations.

Our people & communities

We greatly benefit from the knowledge and skills of our associates. We are taking an active part in the local communities by volunteering and engaging in philanthropic activities. More

Environmental sustainability

The active environmental policy is implemented through a number of activities to protect the environment. Business decisions are made in consideration of direct and indirect environmental impacts. More


We are committed to transparent reporting of sustainability indicators of our business. The annual Sustainability report offers a comprehensive and comparable overview of various indicators and trends. More

Patients and customers trust us based on our product quality, operational ethics and the way we treat our associates.


In Lek, a Sandoz company, we were among the first companies to accede to the Slovenian Corporate Integrity Guidelines. We have become the ambassador of Corporate Integrity as we consider it of essential importance for conducting responsible business practice and achieving sustainable development. 

Therefore, integrity as a shared Novartis value guides us in our decision-making processes. 

Our good business practices, ethical conduct and legal compliance are based on the principles of the Novartis Code of Ethics.

Healthcare Professional Payment Transparency

Stakeholders’ relationship 

We recognize the interests of our stakeholders and are building long-term relationships using different kinds of collaboration. Listening and seeking answers to questions are the basic principles of dialog and inclusion.

Our key stakeholder groups are our patients, our healthcare partners, our associates, local communities and regulators.

External Funding

Novartis may provide funding or other support to legitimate organizations to support its mission to discover new ways to improve and extend people's lives, advancing scientific and medical knowledge, and supporting the communities where Novartis Associates live and work.

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At the heart of the business strategy 

Corporate responsibility is endorsed and ingrained at the highest level in our company. It is the integral part of our business strategy. We pursue it with all our business activities, functions, and our stakeholders.

Long term and annual goals have been set regarding all corporate responsibility aspects and we are taking measures for their implementation.

Prudence and sustainability go hand in hand with environmental impacts 

Responsible business conduct is directly linked to the environmental responsibility, which is yet another primary interest of our associates and local communities. Lek, a Sandoz company, aims at providing good environmental practices in all phases of the production process and the life cycle of our products.

Strict compliance with pharmacopoeia and other requirements 

The development and manufacture of medicinal products strictly comply with Pharmacopoeia requirements, WHO and OECD standards; requirements of the FDA and the Public Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices of the Republic of Slovenia (JAZMP), and the Good Laboratory Practice recommendations.

The development of medicinal products, APIs and manufacturing procedures is based on precautionary measures such as progressivity, inclusion of independent scientists, as well as open and transparent consideration of strengths and weaknesses.