Creating a better life for everybody

We increase access to affordable medicines and raise awareness about the importance of health. We are a responsible and ethical employer, caring for the welfare of the wider community. We strive for the efficient use of natural resources. We reduce our impact on the environment.

Employment Opportunities

Lek looks for associates who are ready for challenges, seek to obtain new experience and knowledge, and dare to step beyond borders. The challenge we can offer as part of a global corporation can definitely mean an important step towards success. In a large system numerous opportunities are opened up and broader development is stimulated, while at the same time exceptional capabilities are required.

Among the world's best

Each of us wants to work in a company that is the best in the world at what they do. The team of Lek, a Sandoz company, is one of the key parts of the Novartis’ generics division Sandoz, a pioneer among biosimilars and the second largest manufacturer of high-quality generics.

Global Operations Center Summer Internship

A unique opportunity within the multinational company to gain experience, explore your future career path and give yourself an edge in the job market.If you are a student, or know someone, who would be interested in this kind of opportunity, click on the link below, to find out more.

Regional BioCamp

The Regional BioCamp is a three day forum, that brings together selected top students with distinguished experts and top managers. It is a great opportunity to gain direct insight into the world of research and international business environment within the pharmaceutical industry.

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