We are committed to transparent and public reporting of sustainability indicators of our business. Out annual Sustainability Report offers a comprehensive and comparable overview of various indicators and trends. In addition to the economic impacts of our business operations, we also monitor and measure their societal and environmental impacts, in accordance with the highest international standard. 

Environmental and comprehensive sustainability reports 

Our first environmental reports were produced within the Responsible Care Initiative.

On sustainable indicators following international guidelines 

We pursue the highest standards of sustainability and ethical business practice. Annually we published a comprehensive sustainability report, which complies with the requirements of the Responsible Care Initiative (RCI), EMAS Environmental Management Scheme, and GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) guidelines.

In addition to environmental disclosures, the report also includes a growing selection of quantitative and qualitative indicators of our impacts to the local economy and society.

The report contains data for a multi-year period that is organized by sites.