Accessible Treatment

We believe that every patient deserves high-quality treatment. Our sites are development and production centers in which we seek ways to discover innovative and affordable pharmaceutical products. We provide opportunities for education and training awareness about the importance of health. We work with patient communities and other stakeholders to help patients get the medicines they need. We support various activities to increase the well-being of the wider social environment.

Daily, we recognize patients’ needs and the challenges that arise in the treatment and prevention of diseases and maintaining health. We contribute to increasing the accessibility of treatment in different ways.

Through advanced research to new treatments

Our research and development achievements are accomplished in cooperation with Slovenian academia and renowned Novartis experts, innovators and international teams. We successfully transfer them to the development and manufacture of high-quality, safe and effective pharmaceutical products.

At our site in Ljubljana, we have the leading, largest and best-equipped Sandoz Development Center, which carries out almost half of all Sandoz development projects.

The Mengeš site is one of the key development sites for the most demanding Sandoz generic products and Novartis innovative products. It is also the only industrial center for modern biotechnology and one of Novartis most important sites for the development of biological and biosimilar products. We accomplish our research and development achievements in cooperation with the Slovenian academic environment and successfully transfer them to the manufacture of high-quality, safe and effective pharmaceutical products. 

Manufacturing a wide range of products to reach as many patients as possible

Our Ljubljana site is a leader in the introduction of new technologies and processes to development and production. It is an expertise center for the Sandoz product network. It is developing and strengthening the production of innovative medicines.

In the field of solid pharmaceutical forms, the Ljubljana site manufactures products for both the generic market as well as innovative Novartis medicines. It manufactures more than 500 finished aseptic dosage forms for global markets.

As one of Sandoz leading global supply centers, it provides medicines to a number of markets around the world.

Our Mengeš site is one of the key manufacturing sites for Sandoz most demanding generic products and innovative Novartis products. With its rapid and breakthrough development steps in biopharmaceuticals and the production of biosimilars, it makes an important contribution to the treatment of severe, often chronic diseases.

At our site in Prevalje, we have been producing Sandoz broad-spectrum antibiotics for more than 80 world markets for many years.

With the manufacture of potassium clavulanate, which takes place at our site in Lendava, we provide the key ingredient for this leading Sandoz product.

The strategic Novartis Technical Operations packaging center that operates within our Lendava site, supplies European and global markets with medicinal products from Novartis production sites around the world.


Our innovative generics are patient friendly and easy to administer, which results in better patient compliance and treatment adherence as well as less side effects. By offering professional advice available on our website, cooperating with patient groups and providing free brochures available in pharmacies and healthcare institutions, we help raise awareness of diseases and health issues of the most vulnerable population.