Expanding Access to Healthcare

We believe that every patient deserves a quality treatment. Therefore, we are seeking ways to discover new innovative and affordable medicines at our development & production centers in Slovenia.

Every day we recognize the needs of our patients and the challenges that accompany not only their treatment, but also disease prevention and maintaining a healthy life. By offering high-quality generic medicines, we contribute to the stability of healthcare systems worldwide.

Research results for the treatment of as many patients as possible 

Our research and development achievements go hand in hand with the Slovenian academic environment. They are successfully integrated into the production of quality, safe and efficient pharmaceutical products.

The Ljubljana Site, located in the Šiška industrial zone, is leading Sandoz development center that develops products for the entire group. It acts as the knowledge center for the Sandoz production network in the field of solid pharmaceutical forms and has a leading position in introducing new technologies and processes.

The Mengeš Site, located between the municipalities Mengeš and Domžale, comprises the Development of Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Development of Anti-infectives, and Development of Biopharamceuticals. By taking rapid steps in the development of biopharmaceuticals and the production of biosimilars, we contribute to the treatment of severe and often chronic diseases.

Our business operations across our sites, including Prevalje and Lendava, are oriented towards rational use of natural resources and raw materials to ensure lower costs and product quality. That way we create strategies to make treatment more affordable for a wider population of patients.

Innovative generic medicines 

Our innovative generics are patient friendly and easy to administer, which results in better patient compliance and treatment adherence as well as less side effects. By offering professional advice available on our website, cooperating with patient groups and providing free brochures available in pharmacies and healthcare institutions, we help raise awareness of diseases and health issues of the most vulnerable population.