Our people & communities

Our strengths arise from the knowledge and skills of our associates. We encourage them to strive to implement and upgrade them in a stimulating work environment, in safe and healthy workplaces. We are guided and connected by inspiration, curiosity, empowerment and integrity. Talent management is one of our priority areas. With a culture of empowerment, we enable the associates to unleash their talents and creativity to the fullest. We are actively involved in the life of local communities, especially through the voluntary work of our employees and philanthropic activities.

Reputation and Responsibility united

We are pleased to be among the most reputable employers in Slovenia. We are proud to be the first and only pharmaceutical company in Slovenia to obtain the prestigious international Top Employer certificate for the best employer at the national as well as at the European and global level.

We actively focus on the development and long-term support of young talent and researchers. For many years we have been very proactive in seeking talents and experts and implementing internationally renowned projects. With our unbossed culture, we are embarking on a new path based on collaboration, listening, learning and sharing. We pay special attention to empowering employees and thus creating an agile, inspiring and curious company in which the associates feel good. Being part of a company that is among the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world gives our associates the opportunity to establish themselves in an international environment. As part of a large global system, we provide our employees with access to an extremely wide range of knowledge and experience, cooperation with top experts and innovators, and membership in multicultural teams. By constantly increasing the number of employees, creating new jobs, especially with high added value, and creating employment opportunities for young and talented professionals, we contribute to the development orientation of the Slovenian economy.

With continuous investments, we create the conditions for new, advanced forms of work with active work solutions, which follow Novartis efforts to continuously improve the work environment. In accordance with the Novartis Choice with Responsible working model, our associates have the opportunity to decide how, where and when they will perform their work, depending on the nature of their work, or choose to telework. With new working models, we improve cooperation, flexibility and efficiency, while continuing to put the safety of our associates first.

Be Healthy

To support and encourage work-life balance, which has become an increasingly important factor, especially during the pandemic, we have also developed the Energized for Life program. The program encompasses activities that enable social, mental and physical well-being and includes an integrated approach to a better life today and in the future.

Diversity, wealth of talents and views

We appreciate and encourage the diversity and individuality od our associates and do not tolerate discrimination. 

We build a culture of inclusion and tolerance that grows with nurturing different ways of thinking and leading, cross-generational experience, different cultures and world views.

At Novartis, we foster the diversity and individuality of our employees, as we firmly believe that we must provide everyone with an environment in which they can develop personally and professionally. We support the collaboration of people who differ from one another, as such teams are more creative and successful in tackling challenges, and the work is more stimulating and interesting.

Human rights are embedded into the very foundations of our work. We are a signatory to a declaration of Commitment to Business and Human Rights, pledging respect for human rights in the company’s business, supply chain, and the avoidance and prevention of any violation thereof.

We promote zero tolerance for any form of discrimination against employees based on personality traits, such as gender, age, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, disability, etc. We expect associates to treat each other with respect. This is the only way we can continue to build an inclusive work environment. The “Novartis Women’s Inclusion Initiative” also makes an important contribution to this. 

Volunteering associates 

We are one of the pioneers of corporate volunteering in Slovenia. Many volunteers among our associates are committed to various social initiatives. For more than a decade (since 2005), our associates have been volunteering to respond to the global initiative Community Partnership Day and help people in the home environment, especially in Ljubljana, Mengeš, Domžale and nearby places and in the wider area of Prevalje and Lendava.

We also dedicate voluntary work to initiatives throughout Slovenia, especially social institutions and participation in organized activities to improve the situation and social inclusion of children, young people and the elderly. So far, associates from all Novartis divisions in Slovenia have dedicated more than 41,200 working hours to corporate volunteering as part of this initiative and helped more than 60 different organizations and over 12,000 individuals.