Creating a better life for everybody

We increase access to affordable medicines and raise awareness about the importance of health. We are a responsible and ethical employer, caring for the welfare of the wider community. We strive for the efficient use of natural resources. We reduce our impact on the environment.

Discover how we see our role in the society and the necessary actions for its implementation. Expanding access to healthcare and doing business responsibly are the foundation of our corporate responsibility. By research achievements and innovation we create new and affordable treatment options for patients around the world. A responsible business conduct is the core of our business strategy.

Accessible Treatment

We believe that every patient deserves high-quality treatment. Our sites are development and production centers in which we seek ways to discover innovative and affordable pharmaceutical products. We provide opportunities for education and training awareness about the importance of health. More

Responsible Business Practice

Our business practice is based on providing efficient, high-quality and safe pharmaceutical products, ethical management of the company, reducing our impact on the natural environment and a responsible and ethical attitude towards employees. More

Recent activities
1. 6. 2022

Today, Novartis in Slovenia raised a rainbow flag in front of its headquarters in Ljubljana and at the Mengeš Site to mark Pride Month. Over ...

14. 3. 2022

In only a few weeks, Lek, part of Novartis, successfully passed independent audits of four international systems in the field of safety, health, ...

4. 3. 2022

Lek, a Sandoz company, has entered into a partnership with the Sports Federation for the Disabled of Slovenia – Slovenian Paralympic Committee (ZŠIS ...

3. 11. 2021

November is traditionally focusing on health-related issues, experienced by men, especially of prostate cancer, and in recent years also to mental health and suicide. Prostate ...