Creating a better life for everybody

We have a clear social responsibility strategy committed to increase access to affordable medicines and be a responsible and ethical employer, a constructive community member and a leading company in our industry.

Discover how we see our role in the society and the necessary actions for its implementation. Expanding access to healthcare and doing business responsibly are the foundation of our corporate responsibility. By research achievements and innovation we create new and affordable treatment options for patients around the world. A responsible business conduct is the core of our business strategy.

Expanding Access to Healthcare

We believe that every patient deserves a quality treatment. Therefore, we are seeking ways to discover new innovative and affordable medicines at our development & production centers in Slovenia. More

Doing Business Responsibly

We have earned the trust of our patients and customers due to our product quality, operational ethics and the way we treat our associates. More

Recent activities
25. 9. 2020

At the 39th International Conference on the Development of Organizational Sciences, Novartis in Slovenia received the best HR practice – honorable mention award for outstanding ...

24. 8. 2020

»The knowledge and creativity of our associates strengthen our role within Novartis and with it our contribution to the accessibility of treatment for patients around ...

13. 7. 2020

Excess heat in the form of steam condensate that Lek, which is part of Novartis, can no longer use in its processes, but still retains ...

8. 6. 2020

In its endeavor to foster diversity and inclusion, Novartis strives to ensure that every associate is free to be their best and true selves at ...