Creating a better life for everybody

We increase access to affordable medicines and raise awareness about the importance of health. We are a responsible and ethical employer, caring for the welfare of the wider community. We strive for the efficient use of natural resources. We reduce our impact on the environment.

Discover how we see our role in the society and the necessary actions for its implementation. Expanding access to healthcare and doing business responsibly are the foundation of our corporate responsibility. By research achievements and innovation we create new and affordable treatment options for patients around the world. A responsible business conduct is the core of our business strategy.

Accessible Treatment

We believe that every patient deserves high-quality treatment. Our sites are development and production centers in which we seek ways to discover new high-value and affordable pharmaceuticals. We provide opportunities for education and training awareness about the importance of health. More

Responsible Business Practice

Patient and customer trust is based on the quality of our products, ethical corporate governance, and the conduct of our associates.


Recent activities
31. 5. 2024

Lek remains committed to supporting education and scientific research. They believe that science should be accessible to everyone, so they strive to bring science closer ...

30. 8. 2023

In Laško, the Sports Federation for the Disabled of Slovenia – Slovenian Paralympic Committee organized the traditional Pralympic Camp for Families, where young people with ...

9. 3. 2023

The investment in a high-tech production center for biosimilars is the largest single investment in Lek's history and is also one of the largest ever ...

29. 9. 2022

In September, our organization joined the network of dementia-friendly institutions, with all four of our sites (Ljubljana, Mengeš, Prevalje, and Lendava) becoming dementia-friendly spots. We ...