Environmental Sustainability

Our aspiration is to be a catalyst for positive change and a global leader in environmental sustainability. We promote sustainability through our own operations and through our value chain. We are continuously looking for opportunities to use raw materials more efficiently and limit the impact of our activities on the environment.

Our primary environmental aspects are focused on energy consumption and consequently the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on air and water, on micro-pollutants in wastewater, and on raw materials and waste, especially the possibility of their reuse or recycling.

Our active environmental policy is implemented through a number of activities to protect the environment which often go beyond mere fulfillment of statutory provisions. Business decisions are made in consideration of direct and indirect environmental impacts. We are striving to make rational and efficient use of natural resources.

Considering environmental criteria also when implementing innovations in development

Environmental responsibility as our priority business orientation obliges us to take environmental aspects into account when making business decisions. When innovating and developing new products, we carefully study opportunities to improve environmental aspects in a science-based and transparent way and identify risks. By assessing environmental impacts, we ensure that the benefits of a new product, process and technology outweigh other risks.

Delivering environmental sustainability principles

Environmental sustainability is at the heart of our business model. Our investments in the planet support our aim to reimagine medicine to improve and extend people’s lives.

Our commitments

  • People: We will encourage associates across our operations to adopt an environmental sustainability mindset.
  • Patients: We will work to understand how a changing climate will impact people's health. We will deliver environmentally sustainable medicines to people that need them.
  • Planet: We will minimize the impact of our actions on the planet and invest in environmental solutions that also protect biodiversity. Through our value chain, we will benefit ecosystems and planetary health in general.

Applying permanent measures reduces environmental pollution 

We reduce environmental impacts during every lifecycle phase of our products. We are fully committed to making a rational use of raw materials and reduce other environmental impacts per product unit, such as improving energy efficiency, water consumption, reducing waste volumes and VOC emissions per production unit.

Waste re-use and recycling are integral parts of the production of pharmaceutical ingredients. The share of recycled water, mostly reused for the cooling of processes, has also increased. We take a sustainable approach to packaging development. 

Measurements and monitoring 

We strive to make continuous progress in our use of raw materials and energy resources, and in the reduction of environmental impact, which is constantly monitored through regular measurements and data follow-up.

In accordance with legal requirements and Novartis internal standards we conduct our own environmental impact measurements, internal audits and inspections and ensure continuous and regular monitoring of independent external institutions. 

Environmental standards and guidelines 

We adhere to the ISO 14001 environmental standard, the international OHSAS 18001 occupational safety and health standard, and the Responsible Care Initiative for the chemical industry, coupled with the EMAS Eco-Management Scheme.

We report on our commitment to reduce environmental impacts that result from our activities and products in a transparent manner, in accordance with the above-mentioned standards and the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines.

Acquired Standards in the field of Health, Safety and Environment
ISO 45001, ISO 14001, Responsible Care Initiative (RCI), EMAS

Transparent reporting

We have been reporting publicly and transparently on the sustainability indicators of our business for many years. Out annual Sustainability report offers a comprehensive and comparable overview of various indicators and trends. In addition to the economic impacts of our business operations, we also monitor and measure their societal and environmental impacts, in accordance with the highest international standard.