TechBEAT 2024
May 9 and 10, 2024 – Ljubljana, Bled

TechBEAT is a hands-on event aimed at promising high school students in the fields of science and engineering from Slovenia. It provides an opportunity for young talent to gain their first experience of working with a global network of excellence in the world of science and technology in the pharmaceutical industry.

Why join TechBEAT?

TechBEAT is a unique experience for secondary school students starting their career. The participants will:

  • gain exclusive insight into the key trends and challenges facing the modern pharmaceutical industry;
  • experience the pulse of a global pharmaceutical giant, a pioneer in the development and manufacture of biosimilars and generic pharmaceuticals;
  • have an exceptional opportunity to network and gain invaluable knowledge and expert insight into the technology;
  • gain hands-on experience of working in teams on a technical and science challenge, and showcase their knowledge and skills in practice.
  • receive access to a global network of experts and career opportunities in an agile and inspiring business environment based on inclusiveness, fairness and diversity.

Who are we looking for?

The event is aimed at promising secondary school students in science and technology.

This year, applications were collected through partner secondary schools

If you are interested in collaboration, you can write to us at the e-mail address:

Featured guests

Uroš Ocepek

Dr. Uroš Ocepek is Teacher of the Year 2022, teaching at the Trbovlje Technical and Vocational Secondary School. He has played a key role in introducing artificial intelligence into Slovenian schooling. Dr. Ocepek is also an innovator, having received to date 13 awards for 12 different innovations. These awards are given out by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. He encourages students to be innovative and work collaboratively. He is the recipient of the highest Slovenian national award for outstanding achievement in secondary education for 2022. In November 2023, Dr. Ocepek represented Slovenia at the Global Teacher Prize, where he became the first Slovenian teacher to be ranked among the top 50 teachers in the world. In addition, he was named the 2023 Zasavska Region Zasavec of the Year, having previously received the 2022 Mayor's Award from the Municipality of Trbovlje.

Petra Osojnik

Petra Osojnik is Senior Validation Lead in the Aseptics unit at Lek, a Sandoz company. She manages a team of over 20 technologists and engineers. During her early years, she attended the Secondary School of Chemistry and then continued her studies at the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology at the University of Maribor. In addition to her extensive knowledge and her resourcefulness, Petra is renowned for her ability to coordinate team activities. One notable example is her role in the introduction of a new filling line for non-sterile products in the Liquid Products unit.

“As patients are always our primary focus, I would like to highlight the speed and responsiveness of our actions. Aseptic production projects are complex and time-consuming due to the very nature of the production process. Our fast, excellent work wouldn't have been possible without our amazing people, and I think that's something we can really be proud of at Lek.” She was also involved in a project to introduce new format parts for filling lines for the production of biosimilars in the Bottled Products unit.

Petra's work is an inspiring story for future generations: “A good engineer is inquisitive, able to integrate knowledge into a coherent whole, and has a sense of team spirit.”

Blaž Zupan

Dr. Blaž Zupan is an assistant professor at the Department of Entrepreneurship at the School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana. He is involved in a wide range of entrepreneurship courses, specializing in the development of new ideas, products and services. In addition to his teaching and research work, he is also the founder and co-owner of several companies in Slovenia and abroad, some of which he successfully exited by selling his stake. He is an active investor, business angel and entrepreneurial mentor. He also provides consulting services to both large companies and start-up entrepreneurs in a number of areas, including innovation, domestic and international market analysis, business opportunities, marketing, financing, effective presentations, and the search for new ideas in the development of products and services using "Design thinking" and Lean methods.



The initial phase of the program will be held in Ljubljana, where participants will visit the Aseptics unit. This facility produces approximately 70 different products and 500 finished products that are filled into sterile ampoules and vials for markets around the world.


The main part of the program will take place in Bled, where the participants will be staying. They will attend lectures delivered by industry experts and participate in group work to devise a scientific and technical solution to a real-world pharmaceutical challenge.