Lek supports the Elderly for Elderly Program to improve the care quality of elderly

22. 6. 2018

As part of Novartis, the leading global pharmaceutical company, corporate social responsibility is an important element of our business strategy. Our corporate responsibility is deeply ingrained into our operations and directly supports our mission, vision, and strategy with a focus on expanding access to healthcare and doing business responsibly while keeping in mind our key stakeholders: patients, associates, shareholders, healthcare professionals, and society. Our responsibility to the society at large is reflected in numerous humanitarian, healthcare and educational activitiesThese include offering the support for the program Elderly for Elderly (Starejši za starejšeof the Slovene Federation of Pensioners’ Associations (ZDUS) running for the 14th year in a row. 

Within the program Elderly for Elderly, 3,500 volunteers are offering practical help and assistance (household chores, taking a walk, socializing and companionship, reading, transport to/from hospital appointments etc.) and help to the elders aged 69 and older, who live at home. While providing help to the elderly, volunteers are facing poverty, neglect, violence, abuse, severe healthcare issues. In such cases, they reach out to professional governmental and non-governmental organizations. The elders are a vulnerable group that should be protected by the society as a whole. 

On behalf of Lek, Katarina Klemenc, Head of Corporate Communications, handed over the donation to the Head of the ZDUS Association on Thursday, June 21. In her speech to the audience, she emphasized how important it is that social responsibility does not only exist on paper, but to live up to these principles. “We are joined together by the Elderly for Elderly program. We share a common goal: to help others and return to society we all live in. Mrs. Šonc (Author’s note: Elderly for Elderly Head) and every single volunteer are doing essential community work that is socially useful. And Lek would like to contribute a little to your efforts.” She added that she is extremely pleased to see that this donation will provide enough funds to include new volunteers, new associations, and – above all – new members receiving such help.