A donation for humanitarian purposes on the international Women's Day

8. 3. 2000

Ljubljana, 7 March – On the Women’s Day 2000 the women members of Lek’s Trade Union renounced the symbolical presents given every year, and they agreed to offer the funds intended for this for humanitarian purposes. The contributions will be offered to the Anti-epileptic League of Slovenia, to the General Hospital of Murska Sobota and the Department for Young Invalids of the General Hospital of Šempeter. The selection of these institutions is justified by their wish to help those who have not been given broader attention from the Slovene public in terms of humanitarian activities.

A donation for humanitarian purposes on the international Women’s Day

One of the major problems with epilepsy is insufficient awareness of broader public and of experts as well as the fact that the majority of patients prefer to withdraw and so not stand for their rights and needs. This very problem was in the focus of the global anti-epileptic action started in 1996, joined by Slovenia. This year the action will be rounded up by the first charity concert of the Slovene anti-epileptic League. At the concert organized on 11 March at Cankarjev Dom under the title Let’s walk out of the shadow, funds will be gathered for the Epileptic Youth and Children Counselling Centre for the relief of children’s problems with education, employment and social inclusion. With its contribution, lek will try to help children and adolescents with epilepsy in taking root in everyday activities.

Lek’s contribution to the Young Invalids Dpt. Of the General Hospital of Šempeter will be of great help in the adaptation of the section in the department for the treatment and training of children with cerebral paralysis. This department has for long time been facing problems with poor housing conditions for its children who, like other patients, need well-regulated environment for their recovery.

Last year, the General Hospital of Murska Sobota started activities for the construction of a new maternity hospital. This is the last Slovene maternity hospital still not renovated and modernized in accordance with the basic professional and sanitary and hygienic requirements. The request for donations was responded by the workers of Lek’s Pharmaceutical Chemical Business Unit in Lendava, who thereby showed they were not indifferent to the problems of the environment they live and work in.

As one of the major Slovene companies, Lek has traditionally been a socially responsible company with a concern about a greater quality of life. It is closely connected with health care system, therefore it feels committed to contributing to health problems solutions and to taking part in humanitarian actions. As a sponsor, it also supports science, culture and sport, while special attention is paid to children. In doing this, it tries to distribute its funds evenly throughout Slovenia, as human problems and hardships are not limited by the regional boundaries.