Contemporary therapy treatments of metabolic disorders on the fourth Regional BioCamp

  • Lek, a Sandoz company, opened its door to young experts from 10 countries for the fourth year in a row, enabling them an insight into the world of the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Transfer of knowledge is an important link between science and business.
  • The winners of the Regional BioCamp 2014 are Boris Brus from Slovenia and Janko Ignjatović from Serbia, who will participate in the Novartis global BioCamp in Basel in August.
28. 5. 2014

At this year’s fourth Regional BioCamp, organised by Lek, a Sandoz company, the healthcare experts, experts from faculties and Lek, Sandoz and Novartis spoke about modern therapies for the treatment of metabolic disorders, about rare diseases and the importance and role of biosimilars. The participants, 35 students from 10 countries, challenged themselves in preparing a case study how to develop and send to the market a new product. The best individual performance came from Boris Brus from Slovenia and Janko Ignjatović from Serbia. Boris Brus, Alja Oblak, Julija Rohrer, Karolina Rudnicka, Lara Saftić, Predrag Stojaković and Marko Trampuž proved themselves as the best performing team.

The key objective and common denominator of the Regional BioCamp are closely connected with Sandoz’ mission, which is to provide access to high-quality medicines to as many patients as possible, thereby help ensure long-term access to healthcare for people across the world. The event aims to enable young science experts from different countries the access to leading-edge knowledge, create an environment for sharing experience and give them the opportunity to meet top experts in person, who, with their invaluable experience, reopened questions for their younger colleagues, such as »What is the core of my activities?«, »What would I like to do in my life?«.

»This year we opened our doors again to young experts and offered them an insight into the pharmaceutical industry and related entrepreneurship. At the Regional BioCamp 2014 there were numerous experts who passed on a large amount of new knowledge both from biopharmacy as well as from the generic pharmaceutical industry. The participants also showed great interest in viewing the development facilities of Sandoz Slovenia and thus getting to know from close up how work is carried out at the highest level of technological innovation and expertise,« explained Dr Darja Ferčej Temeljotov, the president of the organising committee of the Regional BioCamp 2014.

The winners are to participate in the global BioCamp in Basel

According to the panel’s opinion, when designing the case study, the winners of the Regional BioCamp 2014 Boris Brus and Janko Ignjatović proved themselves to be the best among all participants when combining a scientific and business way of thinking both of which are of the utmost importance for success in the pharmaceutical pharmacy.

»I did not expect to win the award as so many talented young people participated in the event. However, I must admit, that I was delighted to receive it,« said Boris Brus from the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Ljubljana, upon receiving the award. »In my opinion, the key element that contributed to my success was the case presentation in front of potential investors. I have learned how the pharmaceutical industry operates and what challenges it faces. Congratulations also go to the organizing team as the organization of the whole event was really on a very high level.«

Janko Ignajtović comes from the Faculty of Pharmacy in Belgrade. He was very excited about the potential for development that local students and employees at Lek, a Sandoz company, have here: »I don’t think you are aware of what advantages you have that Sandoz set up one of the key components of its developments in Slovenia and that the regional BioCamp takes place here. This is a great opportunity for young people. It was also the combined effort of my entire team that contributed to my success. Many thanks to the organising team that gave me the opportunity to participate at this year’s BioCamp and learn about the diversity, different ideas and come in contact with the best experts, all of which my country cannot offer me at the moment.«

The winners of the Regional BioCamp 2014 will join the participants at the traditional Novartis global BioCamp, which will be held in August in Basel, Switzerland. Together with the top young science experts from all around the globe they will attend a three-day event, gaining new knowledge and experience and learning about trends in biotechnology and biopharmacy.

The fourth Regional BioCamp in Ljubljana hosted 35 undergraduate and postgraduate students from ten countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Poland and Russia.

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