Red nosed clowndoctors now also in out-patient waiting rooms of the Paediatric clinic in Ljubljana

25. 9. 2012

For nine years in a row, the Red Noses have been bringing joy and laughter to patients throughout Slovenia. Today, after a brief ceremony held at the Paediatric Clinic where the Red Noses started making their first hospital rounds in 2004, they gave a preview of how they will carry out their activities in waiting rooms at the Ljubljana Paediatric Clinic, where from now on they will visit young patients every Tuesday and Wednesday. From 1st October they will also start visiting patients at the Ptuj General Hospital. In fulfilling their mission they are once again supported by the long-term general sponsor Lek Pharmaceuticals, a Sandoz company

»The Red Noses celebrated their first birthday in a packed seminar room at the old paediatric clinic. Then they vowed that for each birthday they would start visiting at least one new hospital until the whole of Slovenia was taken over by clownisation. It seems we must have blown out the birthday candle really well as our birthday wish is now coming true: currently, 15 clowndoctors annually visit nearly 30,000 patients across Slovenia! This year we are initiating three new programs: kicking off in the spring, the Red Noses started visiting children at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases in Ljubljana. In October we are initiating a program at the Paediatric Clinic which will primarily include out-patient waiting rooms three times a week, and a monthly program at Ptuj General Hospital. All this could not be achieved without our supporters and sponsors to whom we would like to express our sincere gratitude!« said Eva Škofič Maurer, the artistic director of Red Noses.

Lek with Red Noses from the very beginning

Lek, a Sandoz company, has been cooperating with the Red Noses from the earliest stage of their operation in Slovenia, and took up the role of the general sponsor in 2008. With more than 81,000 Euros over the past four years, Lek contributed towards bringing fun to over 50,000 patients who have been visited by clowndoctors over a period of nine years.

»As a member of Sandoz Group we put patients first, both when planning our fundamental business and when pursuing our social responsibility. The benefit that the Red Noses bring to patients is impressive, helping people conquer fear and regain courage during difficult times, bringing smiles to their faces and charging them with positive energy on their road to recovery. At Lek we are proud to support this invaluable mission which complements our overall mission to care for the health and wellbeing of people,« said Mojca Pavlin from Corporate Communication at Lek, a Sandoz company about supporting the Red Noses.

»We are especially grateful for the support of Lek, a Sandoz company, which has been with us since the very beginning, and has supported us as the general sponsor since 2008. Lek is an important partner also because they are aware that to maintain quality of work, multiple factors are necessary, including continuous education and training. Last year, Lek supported the first national Red Noses workshop under the mentorship of a renowned educator and director, who is a clowndoctor himself (a member of the French clowndoctor organisation: Le rire medecine), Ami Hattab, and this year a second national workshop has recently been organised,« added Eva Škofič Maurer.

Red Noses now visiting eight Slovenian hospitals

Apart from starting a new program at the Paediatric Clinic, the Ptuj General Hospital will be included in the Red Noses’ list of hospitals from October. This will be the eighth Slovene hospital regularly visited by the Red Noses, while other Slovene hospitals are visited twice a year. The representative of the Paediatric Clinic, Majda Oštir, spoke about the importance of the Red Noses activities for young patients: »Both, sick children as well as worried parents deal with health problems much more easily if a person enters into their lives who can in a light-hearted manner spontaneously create a more relaxed atmosphere and redirect thoughts just for a few moments. Therefore we are glad that patients at the Paediatric Clinic wards have a chance to experience a different kind of rounds – clowndoctor rounds. On this occasion I would like to thank the Red Noses and all their supporters.«

With Red Noses it’s easier to cope

When overcoming barriers on the way to health, not only professional medical care and medicines matter, but also the cheerful support provided by the Red Noses, as confirmed by the Štravs family: »We first met the Red Noses when our daughter was only five weeks old. It is hard to accept the fact that your child is sick and even harder to understand that it will be a life-long illness for her. When on our many visits to the paediatric clinic we heard the clowndoctors coming along the corridor, we couldn’t help but forget, about the past, the future, all lengthy and painful medical examinations and worries, at least for a few moments, and laughed to the point of tears at their pranks, jokes and tricks. And when the smile appeared also on the face of our little girl, this was invaluable. Whenever we now visit the Paediatric Clinic we can’t wait for the Red Noses to brighten our day.«

The Red Noses will continue to focus on bringing cheer to people, affected by illness or injury, with their different ‘rounds’. Their latest, fifth program will focus even more on young patients at the paediatric clinic by the presence of clowndoctors also during out-patient clinic examinations and procedures such as taking blood samples, allergy tests etc.

Further information:
Eva Škofič Maurer, artistic director Red Noses – Clowndoctors
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