Lek’s breathing workshops raised awareness about the importance of proper breathing

Asthmatic kids and their parents well informed about proper breathing at a breathing workshop on Rakitna

  • The Asthma and Sport Association held three special workshops this week – over 100 children and adolescents received guidance on proper breathing at Lek’s breathing workshops on Rakitna, Kranjska Gora and Nova Gorica this week.
  • For the fourth time running and under the leadership of the Slovenian ultramarathon cyclist Marko Baloh, Lek cycling marathon »For Better Breathing« was held this week and ended today with the arrival of the cyclists on Rakitna.
6. 5. 2011

In the Youth Climatic Health Resort Rakitna the last of three of Lek’s breathing workshops, held in celebration of this year’s World Asthma Day, finished today. At the workshops, the representatives of the Asthma and Sport Association taught children and adolescents and their parents how important proper breathing is and why. They demonstrated the most common mistakes in breathing, how to correct them and what kind of breathing exercises should be practised. After the conclusion of the workshop on Rakitna, the participants eagerly awaited the arrival of the 12-member team of Lek cyclists that had earlier set off on the fourth Lek cycling marathon »For Better Breathing« around Slovenia on World Asthma Day, led by the Slovenian ultramarathon cyclist Marko Baloh.

Proper breathing can successfully manage and reduce stress, regulate blood pressure and alleviate various respiratory diseases. »For asthmatics it is most important to learn how to breath properly, which is especially important during the periods of worsening asthma. By practising certain breathing exercises the bodily cells receive more oxygen which positively influences our respiratory system and wellbeing, says Dr Milan Hosta, the president of the Asthma and Sport Association.

The Climatic Health Resort Rakitna has traditionally been a place for the treatment of children and adolescents with breathing problems. Romana Rasperger, director of the Climatic Health Resort Rakitna, explains: »A clean, natural environment has beneficial effects on children with asthma and other recurrent respiratory diseases such as frequent throat infections (anginas), middle ear infections, pneumonia, bronchitis and chronic lung disease. Children who come for treatment to our health resort, receive comprehensive medical care in the natural environment and in the company of their peers.« Parents of young patients are also always warmly welcome to join the Asthma School held by the Climatic Health Resort Rakitna. In this way, children and their parents get a better insight into the nature and course of the disease and learn to live with it. At the same time they also learn some effective exercises which make breathing easier. Accompanied by peers with similar problems they realise that it is possible to live a good, full and active life despite breathing problems.

The successful Slovenian ultramarathon cyclist Marko Baloh, who is asthmatic himself, fully agrees with this. In the fourth Lek cycling marathon »For Better Breathing« in a row, Marko led the Lek team of cyclists on a 430 kilometre long route leading from Ljubljana to Kranjska Gora, further to Nova Gorica and Postojna, to the finish on Rakitna. »The marathon went according to plan, despite the bad weather forecast we had relatively warm weather throughout most of the route. The cyclists felt excellent during the run, with a positive team spirit, therefore the kilometres were not too difficult. The special challenge was the Vršič Pass climb, but we overcame it with strong will. We really liked this year’s route so next year we shall take the same route again, only in the opposite direction,« Marko Baloh commented on conquering the route.

Lek, a Sandoz company, which has been successfully cooperating with the Asthma and Sport Association for several years, is also aware of the importance of proper treatment of asthma. Katarina Klemenc, Head Corporate Communication at Lek, pointed out: »With required regular medication, proper care and regular physical activity, those with asthma can still lead a healthy life. We are pleased that the activities that we organised together with the association during the week, once more contributed towards a better understanding of the Slovenian general public about asthma and further improving the quality of life for people suffering from asthma.«

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