New website – support on the journey of breast cancer patients

20. 12. 2022

In the beginning of December the new Novartis’ website was launched. It is a clear online guide that helps to deal with breast cancer in an informed way. It contains content that patients are interested in when they first start to worry about breast cancer. It also contains advice for their family and friends. The information is provided by experts in an easy-to-understand way.

The advice is practical and useful. This allows visitors to navigate the website with ease. It was our priority to provide the website’s visitors with reliable information, which is why we cooperated with the leading breast cancer experts and both central associations that operate in this field: Europa Donna Association and Cancer Patients’ Association of Slovenia.

Novartis fulfills the promise and answers patients’ needs

Aymeric Royere, General Manager of Innovative Medicines Novartis Slovenia, pointed out at the launch of the website that the approximately 1,400 new breast cancer cases detected on average in Slovenia in the last years are not just numbers. “These are people who live around us and with us. These are our mothers, sisters, aunts, friends, neighbors ... As we stated in our Commitment to Patients and Caregivers, society can expect from us that we recognize patients’ needs in our environment. The website we are launching today is one of our important answers to these needs. We help patients and their caregivers to better understand the causes of breast cancer, prevention methods, and different treatment options,” he said.

Clear website with understandable information

The website leads the visitor in a clear and understandable way through the patient's journey, which for many may be complicated and worrisome. It explains what is the first thing to do when we suspect breast cancer or deal with individual symptoms and problems. It describes the screening process and gives advice on how to deal with a breast cancer diagnosis. It tells what you must not forget to ask your  oncologist and explains the breast cancer treatment process. It also gives advice on how to help a patient who has no chance to recover.

The website is also useful for visitors who don’t have problems related to the most common type of cancer among women. It stresses the importance of prevention and a healthy lifestyle and, above all, regular breast self-examination and accepting Dora program's invitation.

We tried to put ourselves in patients’ shoes

The website's architecture, based on the analysis of the needs in this area, was designed by Vuk  Ćosić, who says that the whole team tried to put themselves in the shoes of the patients and their support networks. “The web is flooded with information. Our website is innovative in the way it structures information around the breast cancer patient’s journey. The information is much more accessible. Patients will be able to get the right information in a stressful situation,” pointed out Ćošić.

Katarina Klemenc, Head Communications and Patient Engagement in Novartis in Slovenia explained that website would not be so rich and patient-oriented without the collaboration of numerous healthcare professionals and two key patient organizations, Združenje Europa Donna and Društvo onkoloških bolnikov Slovenije that contributed to the creation of this website.