Minister of Health on an official visit to Lek

The core of the discussions dedicated to the process of accession to the European Union

19. 7. 2000

Ljubljana, 19 July – Today, Andrej Bručan, the Slovene Minister of Health, made an official visit with his colleagues to the Slovene Pharmaceutical and Chemical Company Lek d.d. With Lek representatives they discussed the current issues faced by the Slovene pharmaceutical industry, and the process of accession to the European Union.

At the beginning of the visit, Lek representatives made a presentation to the Minister and his colleagues about the company’s business operations in the previous year and in the current year, as well as the plans for the future. Moreover, they made an overview of the current situation in the Slovene pharmaceutical market.

“I see the relationship between the Ministry of Health and the drug manufacturers as that of partnership, and this should serve as a basis for our future co-operation", pointed out the Minister in his opening speech.

In the main participants at the meeting discussed the process of accession of Slovenia to the European Union, which is a business challenge for the pharmaceutical industry. Lek and state representatives emphasized that the process of adapting its operations to European Union standards is the key objective of both the Slovene pharmaceutical industry and the state administration in the field of pharmacy.

On this occasion, the Minister Bručan declared that the competent authorities were actually aware of the importance and implications of the process of accession to the EU, and pointed out that the Ministry of Health was intensifying its activities related to this process.