Students visited Novartis Slovenia as part of the Summer School

7. 9. 2018

The associates of Novartis Slovenia participated in the second Summer School for secondary school students organised by the University of Ljubljana Career Centers. They presented the second- and third-year students from secondary schools, who visited the Novartis site in Ljubljana, their career path, demonstrated their daily work routine in practice and offered the youngsters an insight into the world of the pharmaceutical industry.

During the visit at Novartis, the students had an opportunity to acquaint themselves with the work in the laboratory - they put on the standard safety equipment and learnt about chemical reactions for identifying individual substances and about the separation of different compounds. Some tried to detect visible and, for the naked eye invisible particles, and were quite successful in achieving that. In the debating group, the associates presented their career paths and various job opportunities for chemists and pharmacists, and happily answered all questions put forward by the students.

»Most students that visited us were interested in natural sciences. They got a quick insight into the operation of our company, and we also demonstrated our working processes. They were particularly interested in our work process and what kind of education is required for certain job positions,« said Žiga Rožman, product technology expert at Aseptics Ljubljana, about the workshops with the students.

About the Summer School

Shortly before the start of the new school year, the University of Ljubljana Career Centers organised a Summer School for the secondary school students titled »More than 360 opportunities waiting for you«. The purpose of the Summer School is to encourage students to start thinking early enough what they would like to study, to identify more closely their interests, get acquainted with the educational and employment possibilities, in order to make their decision about a future academic and career paths easier.

 »I am still undecided what to study, that is why I wanted to find out more about the offered educational programs and hear the opinions of the employees about their jobs in the companies that we visited. I am interested in too many things, I see myself also in Novartis that seems to be a well organised company,« said Jan Kamnikar, a Gimnazija Bežigrad student. Gala Pregel from Gimnazija Litija also showed interest for working at Novartis: »I applied for the Summer School because I am not sure which university course to choose. I wanted to acquaint myself both with academic institutions and with employees in different companies and see the work they do. I am interested in natural sciences. I like it at Novartis, I find it interesting, perhaps I could work here.«