The initial activities of Community Partnership Days already behind us

24. 4. 2017

The first activities within this year’s Community Partnership Days are already behind us – we have been clearing litter and general rubbish in the Kolpa river valley, tidying up the surroundings of the Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth resort in Pacug and donating blood in Lendava. And judging by these early activities, there are a number of other great moments awaiting that will be dedicated to the organizations in our local communities, that need us. 

This year’s »season« was opened on April 13 with a clean-up session in the Kolpa river valley. Our associates joined the »Kočevska Cleanup« initiative engaging in cleaning a flash flood gorge, in cooperation with the Slovenian Forest Service. Coordinator Tanja Balažic Peček stressed that this action was only possible with the cooperation and a large team, which has taken place in this part of Slovenia for the third time in a row.

No less hardworking was a group of associates who went a week later to Pacug. They set about maintaining the grounds and the surrounding area of the Slovenian Friends of the Youth resort: they were happily painting, sweeping, pruning, planting and tidying up, and above all keeping in good spirits and finally ending with the conclusion that they, Lek’s associates, had done a great job once again.

The April activities were concluded on April 21 with a blood donation session in Lendava. 

Now we are eagerly waiting for the May activities, when we will:

  • collect food and clothes,
  • donate blood in Ljubljana,
  • organise a special day for residents of the homes for the elderly in Ljubljana, Mengeš, Lendava and Prevalje,
  • plant trees around Logatec,
  • organise a sports day for children at the Lendava Bilingual Primary School II,
  • organise a sports tournament for the residents of the Occupational Activity Center INCE Mengeš,
  • paint a log cabin and carry out maintenance of the Fishing Club Bistrica Domžale pond,
  • take children with special needs from the Roje Primary School on a boat trip on the Ljubljanica river,
  • cook lunch for residents of the Altra Center in Prevalje,
  • clean up our Prevalje associate’s house and its surroundings,
  • visit the five oldest residents in the Prevalje municipality and help them with their daily tasks,
  • maintain the grounds and premises of the Mali Dom in Šiška (Dolfka Boštjančič Care Center), 
  • maintain the surroundings of the animal shelter in Ljubljana,
  • maintain the grounds of the Red Cross Slovenia’s health and summer resort in Debeli Rtič,
  • spend a day with the asylum seekers in Ljubljana,
  • maintain the grounds of the Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth resort in Kranjska Gora and
  • plant a garden and paint the playground  facilities at the Special Education Center Janez Levec  in Ljubljana.