Lek and Lendava community building a purification plant

24. 11. 1999

Within the framework of the Lendava project presentation there was a meeting of the Slovene Minister of Environment and Space, the State Secretary at the Ministry of Environment and Space, the mayor of Lendava, the Director of Komunala company in Lendava and Lek’s CEO Metod Dragonja with co-workers, taking place on the premises of Lek.

The participants of the meeting became acquainted with the current situation of the Lendava project, involving the purification plant construction and the finishing of the sewerage construction for the industrial sector and local community needs.

The entire project’s value was estimated to reach SIT3.3 billion. The purification plant construction is planned to be started at the end of September 2000, and its operation in March 2002.

With this project Lek is implementing its orientation towards increasing the environment protection level, especially in the field of water protection. As part of its tradition, Lek has been active in environment protection, as it is bound by its sense of responsibility, its working environment and the relevant stipulations. In the process of Slovenia’s accession to the European Union, Slovene companies will have to harmonize their environment protection regulations with the requirements in the European Union. The present project is one step towards the realization of these requirements.

On the other hand, for Lendava and the neighbouring area this project is a way of solving the sewage system issue that the community members have been affected by for a long time now.

Lek and Komunala Lendava are going to establish a joint venture that will take care of the organization and realization of this project, and later on for the maintenance of the purification plant. The new joint venture will also bring in new jobs.