Lek Pharmaceuticals sponsors construction of new experiment

Have you eaten your spinach today? – New experiment at the Experiment House

18. 1. 2008

Today the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology Mojca Kucler Dolinar and Lek CEO Vojmir Urlep held the opening ceremony for the 47th experiment at the Experiment House. The experiment, which is called Have You Eaten Your Spinach Today?, will allow visitors to test their strength. “With Lek’s support we at the Experiment House have created two identical experiments – the other will be located at Lek and will demonstrate the character of the company as successfully investing in development,” said Dr. Miha Kos, Head of the Experiment House.

The experiment measures torque, i.e. the product of the force and the length of your arm from elbow to fist. The subject sits at a table and with one hand holds a handle which is set at the edge of the table, and holds a lever with the other. Then they push on the lever with all their strength and a readout of the amount of force and torque they generated appears on the screen. Since certain muscles are responsible for each arm movement, the amount of torque can be equated with muscle strength.

The experiment was created by the Experiment House team: Dušan Mencej, Oliver Mumalo, Matjaž Ivančič, Luka Vidic, Vojko Strojnik, Božo Kos, Gorazd Planinšič and Miha Kos.

The construction of the new experiment was sponsored by Lek, a Sandoz company. At the opening, Lek CEO Vojmir Urlep said: “Knowledge and the development of new knowledge, research and testing – all of these are inseparably connected with the work of Lek Pharmaceuticals. Therefore we are very happy to cooperate in projects that support the promotion of knowledge and science among the public and encourage thinking, and discover answers to questions which we also encounter during everyday life. We are especially attracted to projects that encourage young people to expand their interest in research and discovering new things. Therefore we have decided to support the development of this new experiment at the Experiment House, and we hope that it will be enjoyed by as many visitors as possible.”

Since its founding on May 4, 2004, the Experiment House has been visited by 183,000 curious guests, has held 2,600 events and has created 47 experiments. The sponsors of the Experiment House play a very important role in this. “By sponsoring experiments at the Experiment House, companies which are aware of the importance of investing in education and encouraging people’s interest in science and discovery obtain increased visibility. These companies are also aware that inventive knowledge requires interactive education enriched with practical experience. The work of the center would not be possible without our major sponsors, such as the City of Ljubljana, the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology, Telekom and others,” said Dr. Miha Kos.

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