Lek signed an agreement on development of a transdermal therapeutical form

2. 4. 1999

Lek together with Ethical Pharmaceuticals South America S.A., a part of Ethical Holdings plc, signed an agreement on the development of a transdermal therapeutical form, i.e. transdermal patches releasing an active substance – a narcotic analgesic. This type of drug application in the form of patches provides a 72-hour analgesic effect, well-balanced drug concentration in the human organism and better tolerance than that in peroral or parenteral application of analgesic drugs. In co-operation with Ethical, Lek will develop a transdermal drug for alleviation of severe chronic pain, especially in those diseases where pain alleviation is often the only possible treatment.

The afore mentioned agreement is one of the many that Lek concludes in order to implement its long-term strategy. It seeks partners for co-operation in all major business processes: development, manufacture and marketing. In implementing its development strategy, Lek partly makes use of its own potentials, and partly associates itself with other companies.

Since this is only one of the many agreements enabling a normal course of development of the company, Lek does not expect this agreement to produce an essential effect on its share-price index. .