Lek donates three million tolars to Transplant Center at the Pediatric Clinic for purchase of new ventilation system

16. 2. 2005

Ljubljana, February 15, 2005 – Lek Head of Pharmaceutical Sales Slovenia Andreja Žerdoner handed a symbolic check for three million tolars (€ 12,500) in the name of Lek, a new Sandoz company to the Pediatric Clinic in Ljubljana for the purchase of a ventilation system for the Transplant Center. The new acquisition will significantly improve work conditions and contribute to safer patient recovery.

Bone marrow transplantation is an established method in the treatment of leukemia, lymphomas, various solid tumors, aplastic anemia and various immune system diseases. Bone marrow transplantation gives the patient an infusion of blood-forming cells, which is intended to reestablish normal functioning of the damaged bone marrow. There are numerous complications which can arise after bone marrow transplantation. Patients are at risk from bacterial and fungal infections as well as viral infections. Preventive treatment can reduce the possibility of certain infections, but cannot provide effective prevention of bacterial infections.

Bacterial infections are avoided through patient isolation in suitable spaces, where uncontaminated air is of vital importance. At the Transplant Center efforts have been underway for several years to provide suitable ventilation, and this year in cooperation with the Commission for Preventing and Controlling Hospital Infections and the Technical Services at the Clinical Center they have succeeded in finding a suitable solution. This is a new technology based on total air filtration following the principle of double air treatment together with preliminary preparation of the space, including antimicrobial treatment of the walls and sealing of the windows and doors.

Head of the Oncology and Hematology Office Dr. Janez Jazbec stated: “The bone marrow transplantation program at our office has undergone significant changes compared to the initial period. In 2002 the Bone Marrow Transplantation Center received accreditation for performing transplants of blood-forming cells from unrelated donors. With this the transplantation program became much more intensive, since on receiving routine indications for bone marrow transplantation it is no longer necessary to send patients abroad for treatment. In practice this means that there is at least one patient at every moment in our office undergoing bone marrow transplantation or immediate preparations for it. Such intensive transplanting activity of course means an additional work load.”

Representing Lek Pharmaceuticals, Head of Pharmaceutical Sales Slovenia Andreja Žerdoner said on handing over the symbolic check: “At Lek Pharmaceuticals we have been putting our mission of caring for people’s health and improving the quality of life into action for over 60 years. We are proud to be able to help the Oncology and Hematology Office of the Pediatric Clinic at the Clinical Center Hospital and donate funds for the purchase of the ventilation system at the Transplant Center. We are also happy that the system will be able to be moved to the new premises of the Pediatric Clinic.

We wish them the greatest success, since a great deal of effort is always needed after such a demanding operation, and we hope that our contribution will bring the best possible results and the fastest possible recovery of children and young patients.”