When used appropriately, Dermo spray N does not cause the presence of chloramphenicol in milk

11. 4. 2003

A resolution on the ban on the distribution and use of the drug Dermo spray N, dermal spray produced by Lek d.d., was issued through the publication in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia as of 11 April 2003, to prevent chloramphenicol intake into animal organisms and into foods of animal origin.

In conformity with this resolution, Lek d.d. will recall the product from the Slovenian market.

In accordance with the valid regulations, the company Lek has been marketing the drug Dermo spray N exclusively via veterinary organizations registered for the marketing of veterinary drugs.

Dermo spray N has a valid registered trademark. It is only intended for topical treatment of wounds in animals not used for human nutrition (dogs and cats). The administration of chloramphenicol in such cases is also approved in EU countries, where a number of similar preparations are being marketed.

The drug can only be prescribed by a veterinary doctor. The plastic bottle, dermal spray, has a label on it, containing instructions for the permitted use of the drug (indications: prevention of wounds infections, and treatment of infected wounds and lesions of all kinds in animals not intended for human nutrition). A colorant is added to the spray. After the application of the drug, an intensive violet colour develops. When used according to the instructions, Dermo spray N can by no means cause the presence of chloramphenicol in milk.

Due to the ban on the marketing and use of Dermo spray N, Lek d.d. has incurred considerable moral and financial loss.

The ban on the marketing of Dermo spray N is a measure that will not eliminate the basic reasons for the presence of chloramphenicol in milk. We therefore firmly believe that the true reasons and responsibilities for the presence of the forbidden substances in foods of animals origin are to be established, the measure still not taken by the competent animal health authorities.