With Lek’s support to the Elderly for the Elderly program to better care of the elderly

14. 11. 2019

As part of Novartis, one of the leading global pharmaceutical companies, we understand social responsibility as an important part of our business strategy. Corporate social responsibility is therefore embedded in all aspects of our operations and is directly connected with fulfilling of our mission, vision and strategy. It is based on two pillars – enabling access to treatment and a responsible business conduct. In pursuing this goal, we focus on our key stakeholders: patients, associates, shareholders, healthcare partners and society. We demonstrate our responsibility to the wider social environment through different humanitarian, medical and educational activities. One of them is also our long-term support to the Association of Pensioners of Slovenia (ZDUS) program Elderly for the Elderly, that ZDUS has been carrying out for the 15th year running.    

Within the Elderly for the Elderly program, 3,500 volunteers assist elderly people over 69 years of age in their home environment, helping them in various life situations depending on their needs (assistance with household chores, walking, socializing, reading, transport to a doctor and other). In their work, the volunteers come across the poverty of the elderly, their neglected state, some victims of violence, abuse and often severe health problems. In such cases they connect with the professional public and non-governmental organizations. The elderly are a vulnerable population group which requires society as a whole to safeguard and support them. 

On Wednesday, November 13, Mojca Pavlin from Corporate Communications, on behalf of Lek/Novartis in Slovenia, handed the management of ZDUS and the Elderly for the Elderly program a cheque with symbolic value towards facilitating cooperation. In addressing the audience, she pointed out how important it is that social responsibility is not just on paper but is carried out in practice. The Elderly for the Elderly program and Lek have a common mission, which is helping others and giving back to the society in which we live and work. “All volunteers involved in the Elderly for the Elderly program are carrying out a very important community service. Of course, we want to contribute a little also from our side.” “I am extremely pleased that these funds will help ZDUS to engage new volunteers as well as new associations and, most importantly, new members who will receive their assistance”, she added.