Jože Obersnel - the new President of Lek Supervisory Board

26. 7. 2000

Lek Supervisory Board gives consent to the project of construction of a purifying plant in Lendava Ljubljana, 25 July – At its 19th meeting, Lek Supervisory Board appointed today Jože Obersnel as its new President. Mr. Obersnel, who has been member of the Supervisory Board since July 1999, representing shareholder interests. In the position of the President of Lek Supervisory Board, he is successor to Peter Filipič, MSc, whose 4 years’ term of office expired in June 2000.

Lek Supervisory Board presented the current situation of Lek’s business operations, implementation of its strategy, and it also adopted the report on this year’s General Meeting.

The Supervisory Board then gave consent to the project of construction of a purifying plant in Lendava, as well as to the foundation of a joint venture between Lek and Komunala Lendava. This company will be in charge of organization and implementation of the project, and later on of the maintenance of the purifying plant. The project comprises purifying plant construction and finishing the sewerage system for the needs of the industrial sector and the local community. The estimated value of the entire project is 3.3 billion tolars. The purifying plant construction is planned to begin end September 2000, and should start to operate in March 2002.

On 21 July 2000, a new member – a representative of Lek employees – was appointed to the Supervisory Board. Marjan Novak, was appointed to this position in conformity with Article 28 of the Rules of the Workers’ Council Operations after Mr. Perčič’s resignation.

Marjan Novak is Master of Economic Sciences, who has become familiar with Lek’s organization and operations by being employed in various positions since his first employment in 1991. First he worked for the Cosmetics Division, was later on head of the Sales Unit for developing countries within the Foreign Trade Division, from 1994 to 1997 he ran Lek Representative Office in Bratislava, Slovakia. After he came back to Ljubljana, he worked as director of sales for Western Europe and other industrialized countries. In 1999 he came to the Finance Division where he is in charge of relations with the shareholders and investors.