Regional BioCamp 2016 – Young Scientists on Advanced Medication of Respiratory Diseases

  • Regional BioCamp, organized by Lek, a Sandoz company, has grown into a continuous platform to link  economy with academic world. This opens doors for new knowledge, new jobs creation, and economic growth.  
  • Regional BioCamp enables the most promising science students to get a first-hand experience of the world of pharmacy. Over these 6 years, Lek, a Sandoz company, has hosted 210 top science students, coming from more than 30 Universities. Today, Lek, a Sandoz company, employs more than 20 of the above mentioned students. 
  • This year, the participants, lecturers and mentors will be discussing state-of-the-art treatment methods for treating respiratory diseases. These are increasing and the leading cause of death among adults and children. 
23. 5. 2016

Once again, 35 top science students from the region will gather from 22 to 24 May at the Regional BioCamp, organized by Lek, a Sandoz company, for the sixth consecutive year. Together with lecturers and mentors they will be discussing advanced medication of respiratory diseases, which have been increasing over the past decade. Respiratory conditions are a major cause of mortality among adults and children. However, chronic forms of respiratory diseases, such as asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) have a profound effect on the quality of life of patients. Therefore, progress in the treatment of respiratory conditions is of paramount importance for the society as a whole, since diseases of the respiratory system impose an immense burden on patients, their families and health systems.

“During these 6 years, the Regional BioCamp has reached an advanced stage for fostering integration of economic and academic spheres. Identifying needs in the learning and working environment can be enhanced by carefully chosen topics of current concern. In this way, the industry is becoming a trustworthy partner to the academic sphere. Our joint projects create new study programs; the number of masters and doctoral studies enrolling interdisciplinary topics and connecting technical developments with economic efficiency, is increasing. In so doing, we are entering into European programs and smart specialization strategy resulting in new employment prospects for young people, new job creation and economic growth,” explained Darja Ferčej Temeljotov, PhD, Head of Strategic Programs at Lek, a Sandoz company.

Regional BioCamp fosters enterprise innovation

Regional BioCamp enables the most promising science students to gain insight into the pharmaceutical industry and to meet experienced experts and managers. This year, university students from 11 countries are coming to Ljubljana: Slovenia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Great Britain, Italy, Macedonia, Poland, Switzerland and the USA. Sandoz experts selected 35 best applications out of a total of more than 100. They will have the opportunity to meet some of the leading experts from Lek, Sandoz and Novartis and to present their knowledge and innovative thinking. Over the 6 years, Lek, a Sandoz company, has hosted a total of 210 top science students, coming from more than 60 Faculties and Institutes and more than 30 Universities. Lek, a Sandoz company, provided employment for more than 20 of them.

Not only will Regional BioCamp host discussions on advanced medications of respiratory diseases, but it will also point out entrepreneurial innovation, new developments in the generic pharmaceutical industry and biosimilars, worldwide experience in biosimilars development, patient view on respiratory disease treatment opportunities, career opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry, and how to start and manage a company.

Key presentations:

  • Karin Klokkers, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Sandoz,
  • Ingrid Schwarzenberger, MSc, Head Global Regulatory Affairs Biopharmaceuticals, Sandoz,
  • Dan Miller, PhD, Director Pharmaceutical Development, Novartis Pharmaceuticals USA,
  • Jürgen Meier, PhD, European Patent Attorney, Vossius & Partner,
  • Prof. Gregor Anderluh, PhD, Director of the National Institute of Chemistry, Slovenia,
  • Assist. Prof. Marjeta Terčelj, PhD, Head of Clinic of Respiratory Diseases and Allergy, University Medical Centre Ljubljana,
  • Alja Ugovšek, cystic fibrosis patient,
  • Lidija Honzak, PhD, Director of the Ljubljana University Incubator.

Winners of the Regional BioCamp to participate at the Novartis global BioCamp

10 winners of the previous five Regional BioCamps have already joined the most promising students from universities from all around the globe at the Novartis global BioCamps in Basel. Additionally, a number of students from Slovenia participated at the BioCamp in Basel even before the introduction of the Regional BioCamp. Among participants from Slovenia we can boast two winners at the global level – dr. Ljerka Lah, PhD, and Janko Ignjatović. The three winners of the Regional BioCamp 2016 will participate at the BioCamp in Basel.

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