The House of Experiments visited Novo mesto

6. 11. 2014

The Little House of Experiments is a smaller version of the House of Experiments that travels all over Slovenia turning selected Slovenian primary schools that it visits into a science centre for one day. The journey around Slovenia, enabled by Lek, a Sandoz company, and Telekom Slovenia d.d., began in Lendava a month ago. Today, the Little House of Experiments visited the students of the Grm primary School who had the opportunity to try out over forty mobile experiments, jumping out of the boxes of the Little House of Experiments.

The House of Experiments is a science centre which aims to inspire visitors to learn, explore, to provoke curiosity, ask questions and search for answers. It normally resides in Ljubljana where it is visited by individuals and groups from all over Slovenia. »The House of experiments granted the wish of children across Slovenia to visit them in their hometowns, so we created a mobile House of Experiments – The Little House of Experiments, which was made possible by global sponsors Lek, a Sandoz company, and Telekom Slovenia d.d.,« explained Miha Kos, director of the House of Experiments.

Lek, a Sandoz company, has been supporting the operation of the House of Experiments for many years. They participated as sponsors of the »Have you already eaten spinach today« experiment, and later became a sponsor of the Beat Diabetes by Biking project– raising awareness about diabetes among the youth. It is also a major sponsor of the House of Experiments. Telekom Slovenia d.d. is a long-term major sponsor of the House of Experiments and the sponsor of scientific adventures in the House of Experiment.

»Knowledge and development, research and experiment – these are all things that are inextricably connected to our work. In our research and development laboratories across Slovenia we have more than 600 associates who search daily for answers to many health issues. Therefore, the cooperation with the House of Experiments is very close to our hearts. The way how to provoke young minds into thinking is unique and a visit to the House of Experiments for children is always an exceptional experience. However, as not all schools have an opportunity to take children to Ljubljana, we are very pleased that a mobile Little House of Experiments has been designed in order to bring knowledge closer to children across Slovenia,« said Mojca Pavlin, Head of Corporate Responsibility at Lek, a Sandoz company.

When a school becomes a science centre

The Little House of Experiments is a new activity of the House of Experiments through which the experience from the House of Experiments will become mobile. The Little House will visit primary schools across Slovenia and turn them into science and research centres for a day. During the visit the Little House “occupies” two classrooms in which the experiments are set up and the students are then invited for a free visit and experimentation session. On the same day, the school will also organize two science shows – “adventures”. For students, this will be a day of stress-free science, experimenting and education.

»The Grm Primary School staff and children were all delighted to find out that their school will receive a visit by the mobile House of Experiments. The children were especially excited by the idea of finding answers to their searching questions that will no doubt arise when experimenting, in a unique science centre for youth – the Little House of Experiments. Since all of the parents were also invited we are confident that for the majority of the children this will be the first but not the last visit to the House of Experiments,« said Sonja Simčič, Headmistress of the Grm Primary School.

»We want to bring science closer to everyone, therefore we decided to make our visit for the students and the school free of charge. In addition to global sponsors we also invited local sponsors and local municipalities to participate and in this way actively influence the education and scientific research in their towns,« stressed Miha Kos.

Further information
Miha Kos, Director of the House of Experiments
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