Red Noses and children with developmental disabilities formed the Caravan orchestra

28. 5. 2014

The Red Noses performed out a Caravan orchestra performance for children with developmental disabilities in the Bilingual Primary School II Lendava. The Caravan Orchestra is the first musical theatre program of its kind in Slovenia, specially designed for children with moderate to severe developmental disabilities. The performing clowns focus on the receptiveness and the emotional state of young audiences addressing them through music, colourful requisites and sounds. The Caravan Orchestra program has been supported by the Red Noses’ long-term partner, Lek, a Sandoz company.

Apart from their regular programs in hospitals, the Red Noses have been visiting children and adults with developmental disabilities for many years. With the Caravan Orchestra performance they have upgraded their visits so that the children can derive maximum benefit from the clown doctors. Thus, children are always at the heart of these highly imaginative performances. The program was designed and donated to the Red Noses International, a part of which are also the Slovenian red nosed clown-doctors, by Stichting CliniClowns, the clown-doctor organisation from the Netherlands.

The Red Noses host the clown program in local institutions for children with developmental disabilities. A great deal of attention is paid to the preparation for the performance. The clowns learn about each participant in the performance, learn about his/her specifics – physical and psychological – in order to reach out to them individually, relating to their respective needs and handicaps and create moments of personal connection. The clowns also create a calm and relaxed atmosphere in which children can relax. The number of participants is limited as it is important to give sufficient attention and time to each individual child.

Keys as a symbol of the Caravan Orchestra performance

The Caravan Orchestra performance is the story of three musicians – clown doctors who leave the circus and wish to establish their own band – so they search for musicians to join them. They find them among the audience, i.e. children with developmental disabilities, who, together with the clowns, form the Caravan Orchestra. An important part in this performance is played by the keys – they open a chest with instruments and they themselves become an instrument in the hands of the children. The key is a symbol of the Caravan Orchestra Performance – it consists of attention, listening and time.

Eva Š. Maurer, Red Noses Artistic Director: »The story in which the clowns search for musicians for their caravan orchestra is simple, easy to understand and tailor-made for children with developmental disabilities. Depending on their age it gradually intensifies, the performing clowns pay special attention to each child individually and focus on their emotions. The responses of the children and their carers to the performance are great. The Caravan Orchestra program could not have been implemented without our long-term partner, Lek, a Sandoz company, which has been supporting us for several years in our regular programs that we carry out in hospitals throughout Slovenia.«

Delighted with the Caravan Orchestra performance was also the audience in the Bilingual Primary School II Lendava, where the Red Noses brought joy to the children and brightened their day. »Our pupils enjoyed the performance as the clowns paid attention to each individual child and considered their abilities and individuality, which is a result of good cooperation and preparation. The performance was tailor-made for our pupils as they are all very fond of music and instruments. The population of children with moderate to severe developmental disability is often deprived of many performances that are not tailored to their developmental stage and individuality, but the Red Noses did an excellent job here. I would also like to express a thank you to Lek, a Sandoz company, which made the caravan orchestra performance possible,« said Valerija Horvat, deputy headmistress of the Bilingual primary School II Lendava.

Lek, a Sandoz company, has been supporting the Red Noses from the very beginning

This year, the Red Noses are marking their 10th anniversary of operation and Lek, a Sandoz member, has been accompanying them almost from the very beginning of the clown doctors in Slovenia. » The mission of the Red Noses is closely intertwined with our care for health and wellbeing therefore we are happy to support them on their way. With our financial help last year they broadened their program with the Caravan Orchestra performance that addresses a group of children to whom the company has to pay special attention and give a chance for development. We also must not forget about the noble work that the red Noses are carrying out in many hospitals and specialized institutions where they bring joy to patients, take them to the fantasy world and are, apart from medical treatment, an important support in overcoming obstacles on the way to better well-being,« said Simon Rečnik, Head of Packaging Center Lendava at Lek, a Sandoz company, upon presentation of the Caravan Orchestra program.

Implementation of the Caravan Orchestra program was supported by Lek, a Sandoz company.

Additional Information:

Eva Š. Maurer, Artistic Director Red Noses
phone: 031 319 155

Ana Lampret, Program Director Caravan Orchestra
phone: 041 967 967