The Workers' Council approves the appointment of the new Workers' Director

4. 6. 1999

At its meeting of 4 June, the Workers’ Council of Lek d.d. approved the appointment of the new Workers’ Director, and suggested to the Supervisory Board to appoint to this position Mrs. Alenka Vukadin-Škulj. Mrs. Alenka Vukadin-Škulj currentyl serves as Pharmaceuticals Production Director.

Alenka Vukadin-Škulj was born in 1954. She graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy in Ljubljana. At the time she was a holder of a Lek scholarship and was employed by lek beginning in 1979. She worked for several years in Research and Development in the Pharmaceutical Technology Department. In 1989 she became head of the injection production plant and soon afterwards head of the sterile products production in the Pharmacy Unit.

Since 1991 Alenka Vukadin-Škulj has been in charge of the Pharmaceuticals Production Unit with more than 500 employees under her supervision. For her work she received several prizes and awards, among which Lek Workers’ Award in 1993. In 1996 she concluded the training programme in business processes management.

In her work Alenka Vukadin-Škulj gathered numerous experience in the field of managing the production unit with several hundreds of employees, of guiding medical consultants and quality management of pharmaceutical products.

She participated in several projects, including the modernization of the tablet production plant which has been one of major Lek’s investments over the past years. Together with her colleagues she introduced the system of staff motivation, where she managed to reach a higher level of communication and and thereby relationships among employees through various communication programmes.

The Supervisory Borad will vote on the proposal at its next meeting in July.