Children thrilled with Lek's fairy-tale hours

1. 12. 2008

Lek’s fairy-tale hours were again held as part of the Visitors’ Forum at this year’s book fair. As a sponsor of the book fair, Lek turned its attention for the second year in a row to the youngest attendees, those who are just entering the world of reading and have to be carefully nurtured.

This year the Lek fairy tales were Tales from a Jug with Blažka Müller Pograjc. The children listed attentively as she led them into the world of fairy tales, and participated enthusiastically in a “discussion” about healthy living and protecting the environment. The children agreed that smoking is not healthy, that vegetables are good for them and that sweets are not good for their teeth. They planted seeds for winter wheat, which will grow after the fair has ended, and made friends with the Frog and Dr. Woof. Both the children and their parents were entranced by the stories. At the end of the fairy-tale hour some of the young listeners didn’t want to get off the stage, since Blažka had so many more books in her basket… She could read them all, said the children. But some will have to wait for next year, when we meet again for fairy-tale hour. Right, kids?