Lek Kozmetika opens in Moscow

22. 4. 1999

On 12 May 1999 Lek d.d. from Slovenia opened a new Moscow subsidiary: LEK KOZMETIKA d.o.o. This company will sell cosmetics manufactured by the Slovenian Pharmaceutical company Lek. The new company is the 25th entity established by Lek outside Slovenia.

Lek has been present in the Russian market for 30 years and is now ranked among the 10 biggest pharmaceutical suppliers in the Russian market. In addition to its pharmaceutical range Lek will offer Russian customers its complete cosmetics range consisting of 425 items. The main brands that will be offered are “Green Line™" (face skin care collection), "Amai™" (body care collection) as well as "Deborah™" and "Rouge Baiser™" colour cosmetics.

At the beginning of 1999 Lek Kozmetika chose a new approach of selling cosmetics in the Russian market – through a network of specially trained independant consultants. Mr. Aleš Kušter, Managing Director of Lek Kozmetika in Moscow says that “only such an approach enables a direct contact between consumers and cosmetics experts who can explain directly the application of the products in order to assure the best effect of Lek cosmetics".

At the opening ceremony in the new business premises in the centre of Moscow Mr. Dušan Snoj, the Slovene ambassador to the Russian Federation, pointed out that it is important to remain present in the Russian market in spite of the political difficulties. He supported the opening of the Lek Kozmetika company and expressed his convinction that the young team of Lek experts would be successful at their work.