The fund-raising campaign Wink at the Sun – free holidays for all children, which the Slovenian Friends of Youth Association and Lek have organized for the last 10 years, made free holidays available for around 300 children this year – Lek holds annual Sunshine Games at the Silly Olympics

Sunshine games and Silly Olympics at the end of the holidays

29. 8. 2008

Today in Maribor children gathered for the last time before the beginning of the new school year to enjoy the Silly Olympics, held by the Maribor Friends of Youth Association, and the annual Sunshine Games, put on by Lek, a Sandoz company for many years as a part of the holidays made possible by the Wink at the Sun campaign.

“Nice memories of the holidays can make the first days of the new school year even happier, and perhaps for this reason all children should have the opportunity to enjoy relaxing, creative and interesting holidays. Unfortunately, there are families in Slovenia who at the end of the school year are already worried about how to provide school supplies for their children in the autumn, and can’t even think about the cost of holidays,” said Franc Hočevar, President of the Slovenian Friends of Youth Association, who added: “Through the Wink at the Sun fund-raising campaign, which the SFYA has held together with Lek for 10 years, we provided free holidays for at least a few of them. Up to the present, 6300 children have enjoyed free holidays through the campaign, this year the figure is nearly 300 children.”

In order to make the last day of the holidays as fun and unforgettable as possible for the children from Maribor, the Maribor Friends of Youth Association held the Silly Olympics, and Lek held the annual Sunshine Games together with the popular Kolenc Family Theater, which accompanied the all-day sporting events. Member of the Lek Board of Management Marjan Novak, who attends this event every year, said: “A new school year is around the corner, bringing new adventures and new knowledge. I sincerely hope that the children have spent their holidays as creatively as possible and have gathered enough energy for their school obligations. The children who enjoy their holidays with the SFYA and Wink at the Sun are undoubtedly full of nice memories and richer for their new friendships. I am sure of this, as I have been visiting the holiday facilities for several years and am always greeted by smiling faces. Participating in a humanitarian campaign from the very beginning is a truly special gift for any sponsor. We give the children more than money; we give them unforgettable experiences. We are also happy to have held the Sunshine Games for many years, a very special day of experiences for the children whose holidays we sponsor.”

On this occasion the SFYA also gave a report about the progress to date on the Wink at the Sun fund-raising campaign, and presented the programs that the Slovenian and Maribor Friends of Youth Associations are preparing for the new school year. At a press conference, SFYA President Franc Hočevar said: “When determining its strategic objectives, the Slovenian Friends of Youth Association undertook to continuously endeavor to provide equal opportunities for the inclusion of all children, including children from socially marginalized families, in organized leisure time activities, and to constantly encourage people of good will to help eliminate the social exclusion of children. Through this we also implement the provisions of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which charge signatories to provide all children the right to the enjoyment of appropriate leisure time, and to holidays designed for rest and relaxation and to improve health. Around 30 thousand children go on holiday and attend outdoor education classes with the Friends of Youth Association every year. The holidays are held at various locations, in 14 modern-equipped holiday homes belonging to the Friends of Youth Association by the seaside and in the mountains.”

Additional information:
Majda Struc, SFYA General Secretary
tel.: 01 239 6720