Lek sponsors retrospective exhibition of the past twenty years of the work of Zora Stančič and Petra Varl

30. 6. 2008

On June 30 at the International Graphic Art Center (IGAC), members of the press presented a retrospective exhibition entitled The Last Twenty Years of the Work of Zora Stančič and Petra Varl, who are once again holding a joint exhibition after twenty years. Certain works will be shown in public for the first time at the exhibition, which was sponsored by Lek.

Member of the Lek Board of Management Darija Brečevičspoke about the importance of culture and the arts, and the reasons why Lek decided to support this exhibition. We have worked together with the IGAC for several years, since Lek has created long-lasting partnerships in the cultural field as well, and the current exhibition at Tivoli Castle confirms this orientation.

The exhibition opening was held at the IGAC on July 1. Many art lovers and distinguished guests gathered on the Tuesday evening. The exhibition, which is classified as pop-art, was opened by Head Corporate Communications at Lek Katarina Klemenc Dinjaški: “The work of these two artists, who are opening a joint exhibition today, is apparently simple, but is in fact technically accomplished, and even more importantly creative and narrative. They touch us with their art, entertain us and delight us, they live with us.”

Artists maintain an independent artistic language

Zora Stančič and Petra Varl have been part of the Slovene art scene ever since their joint exhibition of Lithography at the Bežigrad Gallery in 1988. Twenty years later they are again exhibiting together in a joint independent exhibition at the International Graphic Art Center. They are exhibiting works and projects that they have produced over the past twenty years, some of which are being shown in public for the first time. Their artistic paths began in a similar manner, so it is not surprising that they have often been mistaken for one another, but they have maintained an independent artistic language. Today, Petra Varl is wholly involved in studying drawing and its minimalist and concentrated expression; Zora Stančič excellently incorporates new techniques and possibilities of artistic expression, and her works often integrate tradition and modernity, and experience and experimentation. Both use graphic art as their primary medium of expression and the fact that they have constantly sought new venues for their art, from galleries and art publications to projects in urban areas. Zora Stančič and Petra Varl are exhibiting their most representative individual works from different creative periods over the last the past twenty years in a gallery setting, which is the result of their mutual dialogue. All of their most significant projects from the past as well as their most recent works will be on display at the exhibition. Zora Stančič’s major project “Nothing Special” and Petra Varl’s latest series called Portraits are deserving of special mention. The artists in cooperation with the IGAC have prepared an excellent bilingual book about their work, edited by Božidar Zrinski.