Lek sends humanitarian aid to the crisis area in the Balkans

16. 4. 1999

Lek reacted to the present situation in the crisis territory in the Balkans by sending humanitarian aid there, in order to assist the war refugees.

The population of Kosovo who were expelled from their homes, sought shelter in the neighbouring countries of Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro, which, however, are facing great problems in providing basic living conditions due to an increasing number of refugees.

Among the refugees in the camps, the most critical issue is providing health care and sanitary living conditions. Several epidemic diseases have already broken out.

Like so many times in the past, Lek has again decided to provide, in accordance with its mission of contributing to a higher quality of people’s lives and of improving their health, humanitarian aid in the form of various drugs to the amount of DM800,000. The aid will be sent to the Ministries of Health of Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro.