Wink at the Sun

Making Holidays Possible for All Children 2008

5. 5. 2008

Today marked the beginning of the charity campaign “Wink at the Sun – Making Holidays Possible for All Children”. For ten years, the Friends of Youth Association of Slovenia (FYAS) has been encouraging good people to contribute to the campaign in order to make holidays possible for children who due to the social situation of their families would otherwise have to remain at home, left to their own devices or the streets. To date they have made such holidays possible for more than 6000 children from all over Slovenia. In this anniversary year they wish to increase that number by a further 1000, and therefore they are hoping that many donators will join the campaign, either as individuals or as representatives of companies, organizations or institutions. The Wink at the Sun charity drive will run until the middle of June, and donators can send their contributions to bank account no.: 02222 0010224921, code 1208. The initiative has been supported by Lek, a Sandoz Company every year since its start.

At the beginning of the Wink at the Sun charity campaign, FYAS President Franc Hočevar said: “We all love holidays and we all need time to relax and do the things that make us happy. This is of course especially true for children, and the time without school obligations is also extremely important for their development; this is when they display and develop their talents, if they only have the opportunity. Therefore it would be good if every child had the opportunity to enjoy relaxing, creative and safe holidays. And last but not least we are bound to provide this by the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which states that every child has the right to appropriate enjoyment of leisure time, to holidays intended for rest and relaxation, and to improving their health. Organized holidays give them the opportunity to further their personal growth, develop numerous interests and abilities, gain new knowledge, develop social skills, make connections with their peers and improve their health.”

Lek, a Sandoz Company has been a major sponsor and partner to the Wink at the Sun charity campaign from the very beginning. “For some children holidays at the seaside or in the mountains are taken for granted, but there are a lot of kids who get to see the sea or share outdoor holidays with their peers for the first time through Wink at the Sun. Therefore Lek has been a part of this noble campaign for ten years, and has made it possible for a large number of children to take holidays. For the last few years we have also organized a special fun day called the Sunshine Games, and when we are with them we can see how much it means to them to share carefree holidays with their peers. The children’s happy, smiling faces are the best thanks for our support,” said Katarina Klemenc Dinjaški, Head Corporate Communications at Lek.

In its 55 years of existence, the Friends of Youth Association of Slovenia has organized pleasant holidays for children with diverse programs and friendly teachers and healthcare workers, who ensure that the children feel good during their holidays. The children’s health and moods improve in a spirit of friendship. Around 30 thousand children take holidays with the Friends of Youth Association of Slovenia every year. The holidays are held in various locations at the association’s 14 modern-equipped holiday homes at the seaside and in the mountains.

Additional information:
Majda Struc, FYAS General Secretary
Telephone: 01/ 239 6720