Lek - the most reputable Slovene company

13. 4. 1999

This year Kapital magazine decided once more to perform a survey of topical business events, carried out by the company SPEM Komunikacijska skupina among 505 small, medium-range and large companies from all over Slovenia. The survey involved 318 executives.

The participants of the opinion poll chose Lek (23.2% votes) as the most reputable Slovene company, followed by the Slovene oil company Petrol (7.6%), Gorenje (6.3%), Mura 3.2%), Hermes Softlab (2.8%), the La{ko brewery (2.4%), Mercator (2.2%) and Merkur Kranj (2.0%). Winning company cannot receive this prestigious reward two years in a row.

The results of the Kapital magazine are in conformity with the results of a survey performed by the Central Business Europe magazine, which also chose the Lek as the best Slovene company of the year 1998. These results prove that the company was successful in coping with the increasingly tough market conditions.