A relief for those suffering from hay fever

29. 3. 1999

developed by the OTC Division and is intended for patients suffering from hay fever and other mild allergic conditions. It is the first drug of its kind that can be bought over the counter in Slovenia.

This drug is a novelty in Slovene market because now it can be bought without prescription in pharmacies. Slovene medical practitioners have been prescribing Flonidan since 1995, and now it is available for all allergy patients who are well-informed about their medical history.

Flonidan S is an antihistaminic which contains loratadine as its active substance. It inhibits the action of histamine which is released during an allergic reaction, thus providing rapid relief for affected patients. Clinical studies on this chemical substance have shown that the drug does not cause drowsiness and does not otherwise impair motor skills.

Loratadine – the active substance in FlonidanO – has been included among OTC drugs in eight developed countries (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Great Britain) because of its safety.

The global pharmaceutical market is currently witnessing an extremely rapid growth in consumption of antiallergic drugs. This phenomenon is a consequence of an increasingly high incidence of allergic symptoms and illnesses, such as hay fever and certain forms of asthma. Despite a lack of exact worldwide epidemiologic data on the prevalence of allergic diseases it is estimated that 20-24 % of the world population suffers from allergies. In Europe today, approximately 35% of population suffers from allergic diseases and 10-20% from hay fever. The consumption of antiallergic drugs in 1997 surpassed that in the previous year by 25%. A similar trend appears to be evident in 1998 as well.

One of the most important measures accepted worldwide to tackle the problem of financing the national healthcare is encouraging self-medication with preparations and drugs for self-medication through dispensing of certain forms of medication over the counter.

Having developed a new drug Flonidan S Lek follows these global trends in self-medication. A safe, high-quality and efficient drug will enhance the quality of life in people suffering from hay fever and other mild allergic diseases.

Individuals who believe an OTC medicine is appropriate for their condition are still encouraged to consult with their physician or health care provider. The foregoing news release should not be considered a substitute for proper medical or pharmaceutical advice, nor should it be considered to be encouraging the use of Flonidan S or other medication for individuals who do not require it.