Lek for SE Asia

10. 1. 2005

The horrifying natural disaster which hit Southeast Asia at the end of last year has touched all of us, and there probably is not a single person who does not sympathize with the plight of the inhabitants of that part of the world.

Lek management has decided that our company will assist the distressed people of the region and demonstrate our compassion for the suffering of our fellow men. Through the Red Cross of Slovenia in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Defense, we have desided to sent medicines (antibiotics) to SE Asia in a total value of EUR 500,000. This is a contribution which we believe all Lek associates support in the hope that it will help.

We also encourage Lek associates to contribute financially, according to their means, to assistance for Southeast Asia, which they can do through international organizations which have branches in their country, e.g. the Red Cross/Red Crescent, UNICEF.

Through our support for the people of Southeast Asia we are joining the initiative begun by Dr. Vasella and the management of Novartis.