Lek's Board of Management

3. 3. 1999

At its meeting of March 1, Lek’s Supervisory Board opened a discussion about the Board of Management’s activities, especially implementation of corporate strategy. At its conclusion, the Board of Management was advised to adhere in its further work to the directions given in the discussion.

Upon the proposal of the President of the Board of Management Dr. Andro Ocvirk, the Supervisory Board relieved Mr. Igor Kušar of his duties with appreciation. Mr. Kusar had been in charge of Lek’s financial management and capital market.

Dr. Andro Ocvirk further proposed that Mr. Metod Dragonja, the current Minister of Economic Affairs, should be hired for the position of the deputy of the President of the Board of Management, in charge of finance, economics, and mergers and acquisitions.

The Supervisory Board engaged the President of the Board of Management Dr. Andro Ocvirk to prepare till the next regular meeting of the Supervisory Board a proposal for the final restructuring of the Board of Management.