Lek, a new Sandoz company communicates the advantages gained through integration with a refreshed visual identity.

Lek refreshes its Visual Identity

26. 3. 2004

Lek Pharmaceuticals d.d. presented its refreshed visual identity today. As a new member of Sandoz, Novartis generics business, with its refreshed visual identity Lek communicates the advantages it has gained through integration and which set it apart from its competition. Integration with global pharmaceutical company Novartis, i.e. its generics business Sandoz, represents new momentum for Lek, which is being reflected today on various levels of operation. One of these levels is Lek’s fresh and modern image, which Lek has developed together with the Arih advertising agency.

In order to emphasize Lek’s role within the Sandoz Group and to increase brand recognition in the eyes of Lek’s strategic stakeholders, Lek, working with brand specialists at the Arih advertising agency, have added some pleasant warmth to their image. In doing so they have improved, refreshed, updated and aligned their visual identity.

At a presentation of the refreshed visual identity, the main forces behind the project at Lek, head of project Katarina Klemenc Dinjaški, head of internal communications Špela Jurak, and visual identity manager Matej Zupančič outlined the reasons for the refreshment, the key goals of the project, its messages, and the involvement of the employees in the project. Lek has prepared an extensive communications plan for the introduction of the visual identity. They are presenting the changes to employees using color leaflets, a series of texts, special editions of internal publications and personal presentations.

Igor Arih, the art director at the Arih agency, presented the process of the development and the final results of the project from the professional aspect: “One of the main requirements of a good visual identity is its capacity to trigger consistent associations. We drew up a detailed system of rules which determine the position of the logotype, its size, fonts, colors, position, ratios etc. But all this is still not enough to ensure the reliable connotations which all visual identities need. All of this has to be understood and accepted by the people who are actually going to live with this image – all of the employees of Lek. Only then can we say that it is truly a’corporate’ identity.”

The project of refreshing Lek’s visual identity pursued two goals: to give Lek’s image a warmer look & feel and to indicate the added value brought about through joining Sandoz. They obtained more warmth through the replacement of gray as a supplementary color with orange as a primary color, while the added value which sets them apart from the competition is communicated through the endorsement “a new Sandoz company” as part of their logotype.

So what should we hear today when we hear or read the word Lek? Lek wants to be a citizen of the world, born in 1946. Successful and youthful, always curious; effective and engaged, a reputed and desirable partner. And when we look at Lek as a person, its wants us to see its values and its character; its past, present and future, especially the latter: the future of Lek, which as a member of a large pharmaceutical network has the opportunity for even more successful growth and development.

At Lek they are convinced that at the same time as their products, people, activities and results are forming Lek’s image and personality, the refreshed visual identity will be strengthening the company’s unity. They believe that the visual identity will help them create a consistent and unforgettable image among all of their stakeholders and business partners on both their domestic and foreign markets.

“With our knowledge, decisiveness, tradition and development potentials, we at Lek have achieved noticeable successes on both our domestic and foreign markets. At the end of 2002 we became a respected and reputed member of one of the world’s largest companies, oriented towards the development and marketing of pharmaceutical products. Today as a new Sandoz company we have access to new knowledge and technologies and create opportunities for the expansion of our product portfolio and for global marketing; at the same time we remain a socially responsible company within the environment in which we operate,” concluded Katarina Klemenc Dinjaški on the launching of Lek’s refreshed visual identity.

This press release contains statements and conclusions based on projections of Lek’s future business operations. These estimates are derived from the best information currently available. In case these forecasts prove unreliable, the actual results could prove different from those projected.

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