Threshold for the successful offer reached

30. 10. 2002

In accordance with the provisions of Article 66 of the Securities Market Act and with the Rules of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, Lek Pharmaceuticals d.d., Verovškova 57, Ljubljana hereby announces

that Lek d.d. received on 29 October 2002 a notification from the bidder Servipharm AG, c/o Novartis Pharma AG, Lichtstrasse 35, 4056 Basel, Switzerland, stating that the threshold needed for the offer for all shares of Lek d.d. to succeed had been reached. By 28 October 2002 the offer had been accepted by the shareholders holding 57.28% of the total number of Lek shares. In accordance with Article 12 of the Takeovers Act, the offer will remain open till 12.00 noon on 18 November 2002, which will give all the remaining Lek shareholders the opportunity to tender their shares by the indicated time.

Lek d.d.