Lendava WWTP Signs Concession Agreement with Lendava Municipality

Services To Be Charged at Half Price during August

14. 8. 2002

Lendava, August 13 – The Lendava Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) officially commenced operation in August 2001, and on July 17 it signed a concession agreement with the Lendava municipality for the treatment of waste water. This and other plans were discussed today by representatives of the Lendava WWTP with reporters at a meeting over coffee and ice cream.

The concession agreement is part of a program aiming to carry out the joint interests of the Lendava municipality and Lek Pharmaceuticals d.d., which was begun by the construction of a water treatment plant for industrial waste water and public sewage and the founding of the Čistilna naprava Lendava d.o.o. company (Lendava WWTP).

The concession agreement regulates the treatment of waste water, including the community sewage, and precipitation in the Lendava municipality catchment area that flows into the water treatment plant. Signing of the agreement thus enables connection of residential, commercial and other sewage lines to the public sewage system and the purification of other waste water from this catchment area. Waste water treatment thus preserves the quality of surface waters in the Lendava region, primarily the Lendava river, which is one of the most polluted waterflows in the Pomurje region.

Due to high temperatures and small amounts of precipitation, August is an especially unfavorable month for releasing waste water into the open. Therefore, provisions were made for purification of greater amounts of cesspool sediments during this period.

“We believe that it is our responsibility to provide for the preservation of our natural resources through measures of good management and appropriate technology. We would also like to symbolically mark the first year of successful operations of the Lendava WTTP, so we have decided to accept greater amounts of cesspool sediments for purification during the month of August, at half-price,” said Artur Racman, general manager of the Lendava WWTP.

This press release contains statements and predictions about Lek’s future business operations. The predictions comprise estimates made on the basis of all currently available information. If the predictions prove unreliable, the actual business results could differ from the expected.


For further information please call ++386 (01) 580 22 43, Miša Komar Žiberna, Corporate Communications, Lek d.d. or ++386 (02) 578 95 77, Artur Racman, Čistilna naprava Lendava (Lendava WWTP).