Lek Donates a New Fire Engine to the Prevalje Fire Brigade

26. 6. 2002

Prevalje, 25 June – Upon Slovenia’s National Day and the Prevalje municipal holiday, Metod Dragonja, President of Lek Board of Management, delivered the keys of the new fire engine to the Prevalje Fire Brigade.

At the production site where penicillin products are manufactured, fire-fighting is one of the priority business decisions and legal duties. Lek is aware of the fact that timely, professional and effective fire-fighting largely depends on appropriate equipment. The decision to buy a new fire engine and to donate it to the Prevalje Fire Brigade was therefore an easy one.

The fire-fighting tradition in Prevalje goes far back into history. In 2003 the Prevalje Fire Brigade will celebrate the 130th anniversary, and the new fire engine will make the celebration even more impressive.

“We warmly thank Lek for having bought a new fire engine. We are very glad to have available from now on a new and well equipped vehicle that will enable us to quickly and effectively respond to fire-emergency calls,” were the words spoken by Maks Paradiž, chairman of the Prevalje Fire Brigade, upon the acceptance of the keys.

Metod Dragonja, President of Lek Board of Management, said: “By purchasing a new fire engine, Lek confirms its mission of being concerned with a higher quality of life of its customers. And fire safety definitely belongs to this concern. We are glad to be able to join in this way the celebration of Slovenia’s National Day and the honourable anniversary of the fire-fighting tradition in Prevalje.”

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