Rating of the Year Award for the third time

21. 1. 1999

The “club" of companies that have received in the past two years the prestigious Rating of the Year Award granted by the business information companies Dun&Bradstreet and I d.o.o., the representative of Dun&Bradstreet in Slovenia, was joined this year by three new members: the company Dnevnik d.d., Hermes Plus and the textile company Predilnica Litija d.d.

The joint-stock company Lek d.d. was the first in Slovenia to receive the “Rating of the Year" Award two years ago, in 1997.

A mere 1% of Slovene companies have obtained the beneficial category 1A status according to Dun&Bradstreet, which means the highest class of capital size and the optimum rating of risk in performing business operations with a company. To be listed as a candidate for the Rating of the Year Award, the company should fulfill various other conditions, including financial and environmental ones.

This year 15 companies were nominated for the Award. At the event, with the Mayor of Ljubljana Mrs. Vika Potočnik as the host, Rob Arthur from the company Dun&Bradstreet also indicated that the winning companies are those that have laid the foundation stones for long-term success.