The Russian crisis and its impact on Lek's performance

20. 1. 1999

Trade between Slovenia and the Russian Federation has been increasing continually and, consequently, Russia ranks sixth among the countries to which Slovenia exports. Lek has been present in this market since 1963, but ties with the Russian market have been consolidated since 1968.

With the recent series of devaluations of the Russian rouble, the problem of product competitiveness arose as did the competitiveness of companies in the pharmaceuticals industry. Lek is coping with this problem by employing its traditional methods. It has limited its sales in accordance with receivables and inflows, and is continually making commercial adjustments with regard to market conditions.

The Russian Federation is just one of Lek’s fifteen export markets, where the company realizes 80% of total sales. Lek sells to Russia, one of Lek’s key sales territories, 10% of its products, which is in line with the corporate strategy of its balanced key markets portfolio.