Lek's sales in Poland amounted to more than US$37 million

20. 1. 1999

In Poland, one of its key markets, Lek realized sales of more than US$37 million in 1998, thus achieving its highest sales result in the area to date. With effective marketing measures, the Slovene pharmaceutical company surpassed planned sales for the present year and increased its sales by 11% compared to 1997.

In Poland Lek ranks among the leading pharmaceutical companies. In this highly competitive market we have been active for more than 30 years. In 1991 in Pruszkow near Warsaw we built one of the first foreign pharmaceutical factories in Poland at that time, which manufactures 6 pharmaceutical products. In addition, the operations of Lek Polska include the development of pharmaceutical products; Lek’s first own product was introduced in the market as soon as 1995.

This year Lek was granted a GMP certificate (Good Manufacturing Practice) in Poland, which also regulates the operations of other Polish drug manufacturers.

Over the past five years Lek’s sales have been on the constant increase. Since 1992 we have been strengthening our sales and marketing team, a move which is reflected in good business results in 1998.

Besides various prescription drugs, Lek also markets in Poland its OTC drugs, veterinary drugs and cosmetic products.

In Poland, Lek’s largest sales share is that of pharmaceutical products (85% of total Lek sales in this market), while the highest growth this year has been achieved in the sales of veterinary products.

“Poland is one of Lek’s major markets. The objectives that remain a priority for the future too, include, in addition to sales growth, an increase in market share. In this extremely dynamic environment we have a well-trained and highly motivated team that is expected to yield the planned results" said Mrs. Janja Bratoš, Lek Sales and Marketing Director.