Up to date aquatic and recreational facilities - Personal attention to quality provides excellent services - Renovated Hotel Lek offers handicapped access to all its functional areas - Development of the Hotel Lek and Kranjska Gora go hand in hand

Renovated Hotel Lek a Great Gain for Kranjska Gora

17. 12. 2001

Kranjska Gora, December 17 – Today, a few days ahead of schedule, we officially opened the renovated lodging and recreational facilities of Hotel Lek in Kranjska Gora. The Slovenian pharmaceutical company Lek, the founder and the owner of the hotel, is continuing its efforts to ensure the Hotel’s successful growth and improve tourist offerings in Kranjska Gora.

The decision to renovate the accommodation and recreational facilities was made this past spring. The restoration was finished in record time, in less than five months. The overhaul included modernization of the rooms, which are now all 4 star category ****, and renovation of the existing recreational areas, as well as construction of new recreational facilities. We invested SIT 300 million – SIT 50 million for the rooms and SIT 280 million for the water-recreational facilities.

“We are extremely pleased that the renovation was completed so quickly. Hotel Lek is entering the New Year with a completely new face-lift, which will certainly contribute to the over all tourist offerings of the Hotel and the town. Rich offerings, top quality services and, especially, dedicated employees, guarantee that our guests will enjoy their stay here, and will want to return,” said the director of the hotel Matjaž Konda.

With this investment, the pharmaceutical company Lek continues its corporate policy of ensuring the long-term success of all its business operations and promoting an improved quality of life. Hotel Lek’s new facilities also help to enrich the offerings during slow seasons and afford an important opportunity for the growth and prosperity of the locality. The speed and quality of the renovation work was also due to the excellent cooperation of the local community and contractors and subcontractors.

The renovated recreational area will be particularly attractive for the hotel’s guests. It can accommodate 120 people at one time and includes pools, saunas, and fitness and ancillary facilities. The aquatic area boasts a new pool, a new children’s kick pool, and a thermal pool of about 42m2, which includes massaging jets, hot water spouts, massaging beds and a whirlpool.

The Sauna World, as we call it, includes a new Finnish and infrared sauna, a steam bath, ceramic lounges for back massage, an odorium (a Finnish sauna with ethereal oils) and the whirlpool. We also built a new winter garden with a terrace, where the outdoor Finnish sauna is located.

In the new fitness facility, geared to cardiovascular workouts, there is a treadmill, stationary bikes and step machines.

The refurbished Hotel Lek more easily accommodates people with disabilities. It offers handicapped access to all its functional areas.

As Metod Dragonja, President of Lek’s Board of Management, said, “With the renovation of the Hotel Lek and its recreational facilities, the pharmaceutical company Lek reaffirms its efforts to ensure the success of the whole group, its subsidiaries, and in this case, the quality of the tourist offerings in Kranjska Gora. The new offering also provides a great opportunity for the dynamic development of the area.”

This press release contains statements and conclusions based on projections of Lek’s future business operations. These estimates are derived from the best information currently available. In case these forecasts prove unreliable, the actual results could prove different from those projected.

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For additional information, please contact Katarina Klemenc, Head of Corporate Communication Department, Lek d.d. Telephone: + 386 1 580 22 43