Lek's latest success in the American OTC market

20. 1. 1999

Lek is about to offer customers in the American market 200 mg cimetidine tablets as a generic non-prescription drug. This will consolidate Lek’s position in the American drug market even further. Apart from the well-established sales of our pharmaceutical chemicals, in recent years Lek has penetrated into the American market with sales of generic drugs (cimetidine, acyclovir and bromocriptine). Moreover, we have registered our first OTC (over-the-counter) drug, the 200 mg cimetidine tablet for the alleviation of pain due to heartburn.

Lek has become not just the only Slovene, but also the only pharmaceutical company of Central and Eastern Europe to have obtained the registration of a non-prescription drug in the American market. The exclusive right for sales of Tagamet HB+ (cimetidine) of the originator SmithKline Beecham expires on 19 June. Lek is due to appear in the American market with the generic drug immediately after the patent expiration date.