Recommandations for a carefree vacation

How to prepare for a carefree vacation? – What should our vacation medical kit include? – Suggestions for the handling of the medical problems that most often occur on vacations

18. 7. 2001

Ljubljana, July 18th – Minor or major medical problems ranging from allergies and insect bites to dehydration and the like, often ruin our vacations.  Proper preparation before leaving on a vacation is therefore critical. What should we take along?  What should we do to ensure an untroubled vacation?  What should we do when certain health problems do arise?  Answers to these and other questions can now be obtained by dialing (++ 386 1) 580 33 33, Lek’s Vacation Medical Assistance number.

Lekofon, our automated answering service, includes general medical information for vacationers, including what our medical kit should contain. The service also provides a broad range of preliminary measures to help us avoid health problems on our vacation.

Instructions for dealing with health discomforts that we encounter on vacations are also available on Lekofon. Many of the most common troubles like: allergies to the sun, allergies to insect bites, constipation, diarrhea, dehydration, heartburn, stomachaches, fevers, aches and pains, and many more are all covered by this service.

While Lekofon may be helpful to us during our vacation, it is primarily intended to provide advice before we leave on our vacation. Though this service will often let us solve medical difficulties on our own, a physician should treat any serious problems. Only a doctor can provide us with professional assistance. Before we start taking any drugs, we should always consult a doctor or a pharmacist regarding its risks and side effects.

Lekofon may be accessed 24 hours a day, either by calling from any stationary or mobile phone, from Slovenia or abroad (when calling from abroad, dial ++386, the Slovenia country code).

This information is also available in Lek’s Vacation Medical Kit brochure. This brochure can be found in

pharmacies all across Slovenia.