Lek Donates Two Million Tolars for Children's Health

19. 4. 2001

Ljubljana, April 19 – The Slovenian pharmaceutical company Lek d.d. (Lek) today made a presentation at the Ljubljana Pediatric Clinic of two million tolars to Docent Dr. Vasilija Maček, head of the Pulmonary Department. The donation will be used to purchase an apparatus for measuring lung functions in small children and will be the first of its kind in Slovenia. This new device will greatly improve the care and treatment of lung ailments. The apparatus at the Ljubljana Pediatric clinic will be central to providing treatment to seriously ill children all across Slovenia.

“We at Lek are aware of the needs of our home community. When we plan our donations, we give special attention to improving the lives of children. We recognize that healthy and happy children best guarantee a brighter future for us all," was the way that Tatjana Klančnik Breznikar, head of pharmaceutical sales for Slovenia, put it at the presentation ceremony.

We decided on this humanitarian action in conjunction with the tenth anniversary celebration of our product AmoksiklavŽ, which we developed through our own know how. We wished at least symbolically to share this anniversary with all those who join us in our mission of advancing the quality of life – doctors, pharmacists and other health care workers.

We distributed almost 4000 special brochures inviting all to contribute symbolically to children’s health by returning an enclosed coupon. We promised to give 1000 tolars towards the purchase of the special equipment that measures lung functions of small children for every coupon we received. We collected coupons through the end of March.

A total of 1973 coupons were returned and we rounded up our contribution to SIT 2,000.000. We donated this amount to the Ljubljana Pediatric Clinic for the purchase of the apparatus for measuring the lung functions of babies and small children. With this gift we wish to encourage others to make similar contributions towards the purchase of other equipment necessary for improving the care and treatment of children in Slovenia.

The Director of the Ljubljana Pediatric Clinic was particularly appreciative of the Lek donation. Professor Dr. Ciril Kržišnik emphasized the importance of cooperation between the domestic pharmaceutical industry and all professional health care institutions.