Novartis in Slovenia once again impresses with its P&O excellence and wins the "Top Employer" certificate for the third time

17. 1. 2023

Novartis  in Slovenia has once again received the prestigious international "Top  Employer" certificate for one of the best employers at both the Slovenian and European levels, awarded by the Top Employers Institute, an international independent institution. The certificate is an outstanding confirmation of the  P&O excellence of Novartis in Slovenia and its continuous efforts to improve the working environment. The certificate complements last year's title of the most reputable employer in Slovenia and strengthens the position of Novartis among the best employers in Slovenia. 

Earlier this year, Novartis in Slovenia was awarded the "Top Employer Slovenia" and "Top Employer Europe" titles. The Top Employer certificate is designed for companies with excellent P&O practices and employee development programs, and covers six P&O domains consisting of 20 topics, such as People Strategy, Work Environment, Talent Acquisition, Learning, Well-being, Diversity & Inclusion and others.

"Receiving the Top Employer Certificate for the third year in a row is further confirmation of our continuous efforts to improve the working environment, introduce innovative ways of working and invest in the professional and career development of our associates. Our core value is based on a culture of empowered individuals and with this in mind, we put our associates at the heart of who we are. We are delighted that our work has been recognized both nationally and internationally and we will build on our efforts in the future with this recognition." said Paulina Pazio, Head P&O at Novartis in Slovenia.

In competition with European companies, Novartis in Slovenia stood out in several areas

Novartis in Slovenia outperformed the average scores of comparable companies at the European level in almost all criteria assessed in the survey. The average score of Novartis in Slovenia was 92.2%, which is higher than the average score of the participating European companies, which was 85.5%. Novartis in Slovenia impressed the evaluators most in the areas of business strategy, leadership, performance monitoring, commitment, values, and ethics and integrity. In these areas, Novartis in Slovenia received the highest possible score (100%).

Novartis in Slovenia stood out from other comparable European companies in diversity and inclusion management (16% higher than the average score of comparable companies), leadership, sustainability management, performance monitoring, career development opportunities, wellbeing and engagement.

The result of years of work to improve the working environment

Novartis in Slovenia has been awarded the "Top Employer" certificate for the third year in a row and is the first and only pharmaceutical company in Slovenia to be awarded this title. The certificate is the result of many years of creating a supportive and inclusive work environment where every associate can unleash their talents and creativity. In addition, Novartis in Slovenia is continuously making investments to create the conditions for new, advanced forms of work with active work solutions.

We support hybrid working, which allows people to work remotely depending on the nature of their work. Together with the removal of the old hierarchical structure and the introduction of an empowered culture, their application is based on collaboration, listening and learning, enabling agility and innovation to deliver the breakthrough solutions needed to stand out in a challenging pharmaceutical market and fulfill their mission of caring for patients around the world.

Novartis in Slovenia – an attractive career choice for top talent

Novartis in Slovenia is one of Slovenia's most important employers, and its continued growth and strengthening of its role in the global market for innovative medicines, innovative biologics, biosimilars and generics with high added value requires that it is constantly in touch with top talent and potential associates. The company manages its human resources and recruits new talent through innovative P&O initiatives such as the Regional BioCamp and the Novartis Career Breakfast, both of which have been awarded several times in the past.

Successful P&O and talent management is key to recruiting new associates. In 2022, given the changed labor market conditions, the company increased its workforce by 374 employees compared to 2021. At the end of the year, Novartis in Slovenia had more than 5,800 associates. A positive recruitment trend is expected in the future.

The "Top Employer" certificate for the best employer complements the "Most Reputable Employer" title awarded by the job portal, which Novartis in Slovenia received last year. It was also awarded the Disability Friendly Company certificate last year and has been a Family Friendly Company since 2007.